CDG Display Solutions   |   Products: QuickStand

By: Cdg Displays  09-12-2011

The economical way to create a big impression.

This is easily one of our most popular items. This lightweight, economical and easy to use banner stand is perfect for creating a big impression in a small space. QuickStands are easy to set up – taking about 30 seconds – and very affordable.

The QuickStand weighs less than 7 lbs. and folds away into a nylon tote bag (included) in a matter of seconds.

Available in 2 sizes. Custom sizes are available upon request.

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CDG Display Solutions   |   Products: Milan System

Durable and sturdy, it is built upon a lightweight, interlocking aluminum tube framework system which allows virtually unlimited possibilities: custom sizes, custom shapes. The Milan System is by far the most customizable and versatile of all our display units.


CDG Display Solutions   |   Products: FabricMural

FabricMurals are perfect for trade shows, new product launches, event marketing, television or photography backdrops, or virtually anywhere you need to make a big statement. In less than a minute you have a portable, lightweight display that will "wow" you. An eye-popping display that goes from folded to finished in less than a minute. Our FabricMural systems are the fastest way to create the right impression.


CDG Display Solutions   |   Services

From 3 dimensional concept to ordering services, arranging furniture, carpet, setup, take-down, designing the frames and fabrics and producing them to helping you pick the right booth locaton, we can take care of it all for you. Whether your needs are big or small, CDG will sit down and consult with you to determine the best product and design for your needs, and then deliver you a professional, eye-catching product.


CDG Display Solutions   |   Products: 10' x 10' Tent

The graphic is printed on our PolyFlex fabric, using paperless printing bypassing the need for transfer-paper. Weighing less than 4lbs, the BambooStand features laminated Bamboo that is both flexible and strong. With some species growing 8 - 12 inches a day, it’s easy to see why this is a green alternative. From the process to the final product this is definitely our "Greenest" display yet.


CDG Display Solutions   |   Products: Motion Display

Simply the most eye-catching way to display your product is with movement – and what better way to integrate brilliant fabric prints and movement than with the MotionDisplay. Moving at 3 inches per second, you can bet potential customers won't have to wait long to see your entire display. MotionDisplays are able be used in tight spaces and provide the dynamic look you're searching for. Incredible images that change as you watch.