By: Catis Group  09-12-2011
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Enterprise Resource Planning

We cater to ERP solutions of SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle Financials.

Our expertise in SAP's core modules are Business Warehousing  (BW),  Finance (FI), Controling (CO), Materials Management (MM),  Production  Planning (PP), Human Resources (HR), Customer Relationship  Management (CRM), Netweaver, Sales and Distribution (SD).

Our ERP Continuity Services for SAP helps ensure the operation of your SAP environment, minimizing costly downtime, and ultimately protecting client and shareholder loyalty.

CATIS Business Continuity and Recovery Services has the intellectual capital, multi-vendor technology resources and comprehensive portfolio of services needed to create a customized continuity plan for any unique SAP environment. We are able to draw upon our vast experience and expertise in designing and crafting SAP continuity plans, and can help you sift through the multiple layers of complexity often found in an SAP environment.

Data Modeling

We help large enterprises in building reporting and business intelligence infrastructures that rival their operational environments in scope and complexity. Our design is central to these infrastructures in the data management environment that typically separates and is distinct from transactional systems. Data warehouses and networks of dependent data marts - typically developed at a business unit level - provide copies of gigabytes of operational data transformed and repackaged to serve particular information needs. We analyse the regulatory and compliance pressures, and compensate the increased use of dashboards and other metrics-based management tools in our data models. As the general need for business information warehouse (BW) environment increases we meet the challenge to focus on developing models that are robust to meet the demand.

Security and Audit

We follow the Security to standard set by ISCfor Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and Audit to standards set by COBIT for Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA).

CATIS managed security services offer the ongoing security management, hardware, software and applications needed to shield a hosting environment and sizeable network from attack 24x7. These services provide the highest levels of protection and proactive response in the event a suspicious threat or actual intrusion is detected. Our team of security experts are continuously standing by, overseeing your systems, monitoring activity in real time, reacting within minutes by taking corrective action and notifying you when the situation warrants.

Our security strategy and planning services help you understand the  strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure security. Through a variety of assessments, our security consultants help you understand how best to allocate available resources. We enable you to establish preliminary and successive baselines for making real security improvements to your existing systems and applications, and we help you to get the best return on your security investment. 

We offer the in-depth consulting and customized training needed to help fortify an existing security framework. Services include assessments of existing security policies, processes and standards, internal privacy strategies and solution architectures, plus written recommendations and implementation assistance; and they include reviews of existing documentation and interviews with IT and security personnel to gain a working knowledge of your business and protection requirements. Once we learn where you are and the direction you want to go, we can take your security program to the next level.

Business Process Engineering

CATIS Business Consulting Services has strength in enterprise application, client/server development, business process reengineering, information technology (IT), systems architecture and infrastructure, systems integration, systems transition planning and application hosting to help bring you a solid solution.

We can help businesses fully leverage these systems by delivering a flexible solution that’s tailored to their specific business. These solutions help clients implement key strategic, process and technology initiatives designed to enhance growth, profitability and competitiveness.

Project Management

We have a proven track-record in the delivery of projects on time, on-budget and to scope. The main reasons that either a project is successful or not, is the way the project is managed.

At CATIS we bring the client on board and keep them informed as to the status of the project, the communication channels are kept open with client involved up to the executive level. Effectively translating project status information from project managers into decisions and actions from executives which is essential to your project's success .

Offshore Development

Meeting a growing demand for resources with a limited budget.
Businesses today are running on lean budgets and with fewer in-house information technology (IT) resources at their disposal. At the same time, the demand for new and more complex business applications and support for these applications continues to grow.

To meet this demand, IT managers are turning to outside sources for the wide variety of skills they need to build, improve and maintain their application portfolios. But managing these resources, especially when they come from multiple vendors, creates new business challenges. CATIS can help, first by providing skilled supplemental staff to meet the continually shifting and expanding requirements of your business, and second by managing your existing subcontractors. Our services help you realize increased business value by helping to lower costs and increase the effectiveness of your application development and maintenance staff.
Gaining access to a flexible pool of resources.  We offer a flexible approach to meet changing business demands for application development and maintenance. We can provide access to a vast pool of experienced CATIS professionals to help you get the additional staff and specialized skills you need, when you need them. These professional resources can be sourced from a local pool of talent or from a variety of near-shore and offshore locations. They can also work at your location or at a CATIS delivery center.

Application and Web Development
We help client in designing their application infrastructure and provide support throughout the application life cycle.
Our Web Services Architecture Assessment helps you determine whether your solution orientated architecture (SOA) can successfully deliver on technical requirements in terms of performance, scalability and reliability.
A Web Services Functional Assessment helps assess the successful incorporation of planned Web services in a current or future SOA and the degree to which they correspond to business-level use cases. Whether you are contemplating a Web services project, in need of help with an existing implementation or seeking a trusted technology partner to take a new initiative from concept to completion, we are ready to help.

Infrastructure Planning

At CATIS we plan, deploy, optimize and manage your complex, multivendor  IT infrastructures.

The need for a reliable, scalable, available and security-rich IT infrastructure has never been more critical to the success of your organization. Our comprehensive set of services can help you optimize your IT investments, improve performance, achieve availability objectives and avoid costly problems.

Infrastructure and Systems Management is an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help you manage host-centric, distributed, desktop and network environments. Our services encompass the entire lifecycle, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services. We have the expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help you manage your IT investments, improve operations and performance, and deliver business results.

Additionally, we support the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), its relationship to CATIS's own IT Process Model methodology. Our support for ITIL serves as a foundation for our global Infrastructure and Systems Management Services offerings, designed to deliver high customer value.

System Integration

CATIS provides strategic IT planning; create business solutions; plan, manage and implement application development and capital improvement projects; integrate commercial software packages and manage transition of related services, all within our project management framework. Through our system integration and development services, we help clients plan, design and implement technology solutions such as business transformation, information security, ERP, CRM and supply chain management, business intelligence; database services; and emerging technologies, such as mobile computing. we also offer document and content management and training services.

Our system integration and development services are a core component of our end-to-end IT and business services which include technology management, application management and business process management.

Keywords: Enterprise Resource, Security