CashTech C720 | CashTech Currency Products Inc

By: Cashtech Currency  09-12-2011

A highly reliable and accurate desktop currency counter, the C720 is a cost-effective solution for any business or organization that needs to make quick work of its cash counting.

The C720 offers flexibility and speed, allows users to easily monitor counting progress and comes with a range of practical standard features.

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Glory GFB-800 | CashTech Currency Products Inc

With high-speed counting up to 1,800 notes per minute, the GFB Series will certainly improve processing efficiency. An indispensable addition to any operation where currency needs to be counted or checked for authenticity. Exceptionally fast and accurate, yet lightweight and compact, the GFB-800 offers flexibility and speed. The GFB-830 model offers currency authentication via UV and MG counterfeit detection.


Glory USF-100 | CashTech Currency Products Inc

By recycling cash within a branch or business, the USF-100 reduces the frequency and amount of cash transported and allows for more accurate in-house cash reserve management. With 10 available sorting patterns and a 500 note, continuous-feed input hopper, the USF-100 is designed to efficiently process mixed banknotes. The USF-100 is a cost effective alternative for fitness and denomination sorting, as well as, for large volume deposit counting.


Magner S35-3 | CashTech Currency Products Inc

The streamlined version of the longest produced and most popular currency counter in the world, the Magner S35-3 is designed for businesses and organizations looking for a long-term, high quality performance solution for daily cash counting applications. Recognized as an overachiever, the S35-3 is easy to use, it offers convenient features, fast processing and a compact, sleek design.


Magner S35 | CashTech Currency Products Inc

The longest produced and most popular currency counter in the world, the Magner S35 is designed for moderate to heavy use by businesses and organizations looking for a consistent, high-quality performance solution for basic counting applications. It has a solid reputation in the industry as a “workhorse”, offering flexible features, fast processing and a compact design.


Magner S75 | CashTech Currency Products Inc

Optimizing performance and productivity, the S75 currency counter offers a wide range of features and options to meet the needs of customers requiring high performance and advanced reliability, even in the most demanding applications. The S75 offers fast, intelligent processing, optional ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection, a compact design and is backed by unmatched support.