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By: Carl's Pharmacy  09-12-2011
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Large retailers understand that medications are typically regular, repeat business. They can use the pharmacy department to attract customers to sell them higher cost items such as furniture, clothing, food, car tires, electronics etc. In essence, they are able to subsidize the cost of the pharmacy with all the other purchases their customers make. When is the last time you came out of a “big box store” with only one item?

Some large retailers require memberships and have located in industrial/commercial zones which can lower their municipal tax rates. Carl’s Pharmacy is located in a high tax rate zone, within your community. We will pay more tax per square foot than some of these large retailers.

Carl’s Pharmacy is a community pharmacy with the main purpose of supporting your health with medications and related products and services. We are conveniently located. You don’t have to drive several kilometers to access our services. Most of our staff live and work in the area. Some are your neighbours.  They support local businesses. The income we earn doesn’t go to a foreign national head office. It stays here, much of it supporting local businesses.

Carl’s Pharmacy has been supporting local schools, local functions, and community sports such as kid’s hockey, soccer, football and baseball. When is the last time you saw the name of a big box store on the back of your child’s hockey jersey?

The dispensing fee is the cost of providing an average prescription to you. This includes contacting doctors, any research done or your behalf regarding the medications, consultations, cost of computer systems for record keeping and research, pharmacist’s and technician’s wages, store rent and utilities, inventory of medications and taxes.

With the recent changes the Provincial Government has instituted the cost structure for pharmacies is dramatically changing. Small community pharmacies will not be able to absorb the cost increases. Larger institutions can rely on spreading the costs over many of their other departments. As a result, many community pharmacies will find it difficult to survive and will be forced to close. If you enjoy the exceptional service and convenience you get from your local pharmacy, support them.

Thankfully, we live in a great country, a great city, a fantastic community. We have the freedom of choice. When you choose Carl’s Pharmacy, you are supporting a local, family owned business as well as your community. We thank you for that.

Keywords: medications, Pharmacy