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By: Canberra-packard Canada  09-12-2011

Whether meeting with existing customers or travelling to find new business, your mobile sales and service professionals need the right tools to help them make the most of their efforts.

Ardexus MODE for BlackBerry features an easy-to-use interface, providing your team with access to crucial customer information, and the ability to update their sales opportunities or service records on the fly. Your team members may be out of the office, but they won’t be out of touch.

All the information you need, at your fingertips. From contact information, call and activity history and open service issues with one particular customer, to sales forecasts and sales planning across all of your opportunities, Ardexus MODE for BlackBerry keeps your sales and service staff in the loop, wherever they may be.

Update your accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads right from your BlackBerry® device. Enter or update important details as you learn them, rather than trying to remember them when you are back at the office. Update the probability and value of an opportunity in your forecast right after a customer meeting to ensure accurate forecasts. Create new leads and opportunities, and qualify your leads into opportunities directly from your BlackBerry® device.

Pull up and dial a contact’s phone number at the touch of a button, or send an email to a contact and have the results recorded with your contact for future review. Ardexus MODE for BlackBerry combines the convenience of BlackBerry® devices with the functionality and ease-of-use of Ardexus MODE.

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