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By: Bvocalized  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mobile Phone, Secretarial Services, Virtual Assistance

How Bvocalized Services Work?

Bvocalized empowers mobile users to ask questions and order tasks using mobile phone with hands free voice commands without having agents online. Subscribers can simply dial a toll free number and record service request by just saying it to the phone.

Bvocalized has the ability to understand voice commands in spoken natural language. Within minutes your phone gets a call back talking to you in machine generated spoken words while you listen to the answers, dictated notes or delivered task fulfillment confirmation. A corresponding email record of the entire transcript is sent via email simultaneously. With Bvocalized you can even record notes, memos, ideas or thoughts by dictating it as phone recordings and get a transcript record in email instantly.Knowledge NetworkThe knowledge network is an expert environment that responds to user questions for specific subjects.  We are initially offering these categories:  Academics, Business, Legal, Medical & Health, Products, and Equipment. More subjects will be added over time.  General Questions will answer queries that do not fit into any of the existing categories. Categorizing is necessary for allocating questions to the appropriate subject specific experts, to search out the most relevant, reliable and accurate answers.

Our secretarial services provide a wide variety of task driven virtual assistance that you would expect from a knowledgeable colleague or your personal secretary. We have classified service request into distinct task selections:

Find Information on someone or something. For example, you may ask to locate a person, search information on Internet, find location, weather conditions, road directions, businesses, hotels, restaurants etc. Send Request your virtual assistant to write and send emails, broadcast or deliver message, send memos and text messages to anyone on your behalf. Order Items, tickets, food, flowers, office supplies, service etc. Set-up Appointments, reminders, schedules, accounts. Dictate Notes, ideas, thoughts, itineraries, shopping list, to do list. Make Reservation requests for events, restaurants, movies etc.  Record Transactions, such as, bills, invoices, purchases, receivables, payables, mileage, hours of work etc.

End Consumers, Executives and SMB - Bvocalized is a service of convenience for someone that requires it at their time of need – Anyone that is within phone calls reach to get help. You can be at home, in the office or on the road; you can be a traveller, a vacationer, a corporate executive, a contractor working off-site, a sales person on the move or someone with disabilities needing assistance. Imagine having access to real personal assistance from any phone, without worrying about Internet and access services by automated voice commands on 24/7 basis. Here are examples of what users had to say about Bvocalized.

 - Learn what people have to say about our services. Bvocalized business philosophy is hinged over quality of service delivery. Here is an example of processes and methodology adopted by Bvocalized.

Keywords: Mobile Phone, Secretarial Services, Virtual Assistance