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By: Bulk Bag Unloading  09-12-2011
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C & M is in a unique position to provide consulting services to prospective bulk bag users. Our experience in this specialized field, combined with our unmatched expertise, enables us to deliver personalized and customized advisory services to our clients. We’re the recognized experts on how best to capture every economic and operational advantage with bulk bags.

A few of the things we assess:

   * The type of bag you need to maximize savings and satisfaction

   * The type of system you need to minimize bag costs, while maximizing ingredient content

   * The ‘right’ type of discharging system so you can efficiently dispense the maximum

      amount of ingredient

   * The very best warehousing and storage options

   * Your potential shipping savings

   * Reuse and recycling potential: e.g. “going green”

Dry Bulk Solids Test Lab

We welcome tests!

In order to assess how an ingredient will perform on C & M Equipment, we provide a Test Lab service. Witnessed or video-taped tests are offered on a range of machines. However, we reserve the right not to accept hazardous ingredients. Where appropriate, we offer to ship our test lab equipment to your location, so you can evaluate C & M’s superior performance..with your own eyes.. in your own plant.

Bulk Bag System Start Up and Commissioning

C & M believes in the benefits of using our start-up service. Long time experience has shown that production delays are greatly reduced when C & M personnel are present at your start-up. A smooth transition to production is a concern we both share. Control and Metering Parts and Service. We understand how crucial process equipment is to your business, so 24 hour parts and service support is available.

Our goal is to provide a responsive, effective, flexible trouble-shooting service. Additionally, our Spare Parts Department operates around the clock. If you need help, we want to get it right..the first time.

Bulk Bag Handling Systems Training

C & M offers three main categories of training.

First, group training is offered to introduce your operators and supervisors to the design and operating features of the equipment.

Second, at start-up, in your facilities, our service personnel instruct your staff in the appropriate operating practices for the equipment. We find this greatly reduces process delays later.

Thirdly, we’re always ready to offer refresher courses in operating the equipment to bring along new employees, or to remind former operators of recommended practices and recent improvements.

Keywords: Bulk Bag, Ingredient, Test Lab