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By: Broadview Consultants  09-12-2011

Services The following services are provided to support the Business and IT Executives:
    Strategic business and IT advi c e to clearly align IT activities and investments with
    b usiness objectives and priorities.   Areas covered include:

  •   IT Strategy
  •   Application Portfolio Rationalization
  •   Technology Strategy
  •   Processes and M anagement C ontrols
  •   Business C ase for C hange
  •   Change Management
    Strategic advi c e to identify relative spending patterns across activities and
    functions, with the objective to reduce on- going IT costs while still improving
    service to the Business.  A reas covered include :

  •   Hidden IT S pending
  •   Discretionary and N on-discretionary IT S pending
  •   Opportunities for C ost R eduction
  •   Business C ase for I nitiatives I dentified
  •   I nitiatives R oadmap
    Design and implementation of corporate and divisional balanced scorecards to
    link the company vision, mission, values, business goals and critical success
    factors to their operational objectives, performance measures, and action i tems .  
    Areas covered include:

  •    A lign C orporate Balanced Scorecard with D ivisional and IT S corecards
  •   Definition of P erformance M etrics, C urrent M easures and T argets
  •   Implementation S upport
  •   On-going M easurement and R eporting S upport

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