1/4 Turn Stops (G2 Series

By: Brasscraft  09-12-2011


Manufactured to the highest quality standards, BrassCraft's G2 1/4 turn stops offer reliable performance, superior quality and exceptional value.


A patented, one-piece mechanism provides years of smooth, 1/4-turn operation without freeze-ups. The new generation of 1/4 turn stops was field and laboratory tested under conditions far tougher than those encountered in normal use. These stops provide, fast, convenient and reliable 1/4-turn operation with positive shut-off and full water flow.

Made in the USA from machined brass rod to the highest quality standards, these advanced 1/4-turn stops are designed for strength, durability, styling and lasting appearance. Every stop is 100% leak tested to ensure reliable, leak-free operation.

BrassCraft 1/4-turn stops offer an outstanding value by combining 1/4-turn technology, durable construction and proven performance at an affordable price. Backed by service that only the industry leader can provide, these BrassCraft stops are the new twist in quarter-turn.

The Name You Trust
BrassCraft is the brand plumbers have trusted to provide world-class performance and service for over 65 years. When it comes to innovation, quality and reliability, professionals look to BrassCraft.

Options you need
The BrassCraft 1/4-turn stop is available in straight and angle styles with a variety of inlet options: compression, iron pipe, CPVC and barbed inlet for PEX.

All 1/4-Turn Stops are:

Other products and services from Brasscraft



From the industry’s most common brass fittings like compression, flare, pipe and hose barb to customer specialty engineered products, BrassCraft has just the right fitting for you. Compression fittings also have a fair resistance to vibration, and operating temperatures as well as tube types are important factors in product selection.


Gas Connectors

BrassCraft also offers ProCoat connectors in larger diameters for gas appliances with large demand BTU requirements like tankless and commercial water heaters, boilers, furnaces, manufactured housing and pool heaters to name a few. Their proprietary polymer coating is designed to help protect the stainless steel connector from prolonged exposure to corrosive household chemicals, UV rays and salt.


Gas Valves

Engineered for ease of operation and installation, our gas ball vales are available in a variety of configurations to fit your installation as well as your budget. BrassCraft® has made a commitment to gas safety with the introduction of its Safety+PLUS® line of automatic excess flow valves. Safety+PLUS excess flow valves help protect the home from fire and explosions due to gas line ruptures and disconnects.


Multi-Turn Stops

Our multi-turn stops are manufactured to the highest quality standards that you’ve come to expect from BrassCraft. BrassCraft multi-turn stops have set the bar for quality, reliability and proven performance for over 65 years. Washers act as a seal to keep water flowing to the stop while keeping contaminants out of the water flow. Dual outlet/dual outlet, dual shut-off stop configurations available in the multi-turn platform.


Water Connectors

Speedi Plumb® PLUS engineered polymer braid water connectors and Speedi Plumb® reinforced PVC water connectors offer flexibility, corrosion resistance and an easy installation. We invented the flexible water supply and continue to be the leader in quality and innovation. Plumbing professionals have trusted BrassCraft Water Supplies for over 65 years. BrassCraft risers are formed from a single piece of copper tube.


Water Stops

When it comes to customized products to meet code or job requirements, BrassCraft offers the widest range of stop variations including metal stems, lock shields, stuffing boxes and handle options. Made in the U.S.A., every BrassCraft stop is forged from C36000 heavy duty brass, forming a solid, one-piece body free of seams and joints. The same quality that goes into manufacturing our water stops can be found in our extensive line of gas valves.