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By: Bibby Financial Services  09-12-2011

Export Finance

Being able to offer attractive payment terms is often required to make a sale in competitive export markets. Our Export Finance service provides immediate cash flow for your business (against the value of your outstanding export invoices) and an ongoing supply of working capital.

  • Export sales invoices and credit memos are sent to Bibby Financial Services. We will then turn up to 80% of the value of those unpaid invoices into cash within 24 hours. The remaining 20%, less a small service fee, will be paid once your customer pays.
  • Your business has access to a source of funding, which grows in line with your export sales.
  • We will prepare and send out statements, telephone your overseas customers and communicate with them in their language.
  • With our Export Finance service we can save you valuable management time by chasing and collecting outstanding invoice payment from your overseas customers and manage any currency issues.
  • We offer multi-currency facilities to help smooth out the problems of fluctuating exchange rates.
  • We have overseas bank accounts for fast, low cost receipt of payment.
  • With our Export Finance service, you remain in control. Work with our dedicated team of people who ensure your customers are as happy to deal with us as they are with you.

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