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By: Bex Spray Nozzles  09-12-2011

A hollow cone spray pattern, emerging at right angles to the centerline of the pipe connection. The standard included angle of the spray cone is 70° at 10 p.s.i. At low pressures hollow cone nozzles produce medium size, uniform droplets. At higher pressures finer droplets are produced.

- Air and Gas Washing
- Aerating, Rinsing and Humidifying
- Industrial Washers and Spray Ponds
- Cooling Tunnels
- Roof Cooling
- Degreasing
- Dust Suppression
- Metal Treatment

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Spray angles generally increase with pressure, as shown in the capacity table.TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:Suitable for a variety of washing and spraying applications. SPRAY CHARACTERISTICS:F-Series spray nozzles produce a flat, fan-shaped spray pattern, with spray angles available from 15° to 110° measured at 40 psi.


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Threaded balls are made of glass reinforced polypropylene, with 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" NPT female threads.TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:- High Impact Flat Spray- Flooding- Flat-V Spray- Full Cone Spray- Hollow Cone Spray- Tank Mixing Eductors. SPRAY CHARACTERISTICS: Expand your range of nozzle choices by using threaded balls.


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The eductor will circulate four to five gallons of solution for each gallon pumped.BEX eductors are used for mixing chemicals, suspending solids, adjusting pH, "sweeping" debris or sludge toward a filter intake and many other useful applications. Plating tanks - Cleaning tanks - Phosphating tanks - E-coat tanks - Fertilizer tanks - Pulp tanks - Sludge tanks - Paint booths - Anodizing tanks - Cooling towers - Decorative fountains.


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The spray is deflected 75° away from the centerline of the pipe connection, as shown.TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:Wherever a low impact, wide angle spray is required.- Rinsing and Cooling- Dishwashing- Fertilizer Spraying- Metal Wash 75° Angle of Deflection version available. SPRAY CHARACTERISTICS: A wide, flat fan-shaped spray with low impact.


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This nozzle is suitable for applications where a relatively coarse full-cone spray is required, and where standard nozzles are subject to plugging.TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:- Washing and Rinsing- Gas Cooling - Chemical Processing - Cooling Sprays - Humidification. The HNS series vaneless full-cone nozzle projects a medium to coarse full-cone spray in a direction perpendicular to the nozzle inlet axis.