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By: Beka Lube  09-12-2011
Keywords: lubrication, Lubrication Systems, Progressive Systems

BEKA is synonomous with innovative and customized central lubrication systems of the highest quality, BEKA has chosen this path for superior quality by:

  • Limited "outsourcing"
  • High level of investments in R&D
  • Provide customized solutions to meet all customer needs

Beka Products are made to last. They are easily maintained. Our technical experts are capable of giving advice on our full product line. Beka Lube Products Inc. and Beka Max of America Inc. provide high quality lubrication equipment at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide Best in Class products and after sales service.

Get our expert advice and support regarding the following Beka products:

BEKA Industrial Lubrication:

Single line system

The single line system can be used for small and medium sized applications.  Design, installation and extension are easily accomplished.

Applications include:  machine tools, weaving machines, textile machines

Lubricant:  oil and grease up to - NLGI 000

Multi line system

Multi line systems can be used in applications where lubrication points are spread far apart.  Each outlet at the pump can be adjusted separately for each lubrication point.  For small machines and groups of machinery with a low number of lubrication points.

Applications include:  compressors, bakery machines, chain lubrication, pressesLubricant:  oil and grease up to NLGI 3Dual line system

Dual line systems can be used in applications for large plants with main line lengths of more than 100 m and several hundred lubrication points.

Applications:  steel industry, rolling mills, paper machines, coal mining, timber yardsLubricant:  oil and grease up to NLGI 2Progressive system

Progressive systems can be used for large plants and mobile machinery

Applications:  presses, punches, cranes and ON/OFF road equipment

Lubricant:  oil and grease up to NLGI 2Oil circulating systems

Oil Circulating Systems can be used for all machinery and plants requiring oil circulating lubrication with oil cooling.

Applicaitions: rolling mills, calenders, gear boxes, printing presses, presses, paper machines

Lubricant: oil


BEKA-MAX lubrication systems are suitable for all mobile applications.

Applications: trucks, construction machines, agricultural machines, floor conveyors

Lubricant:  oil and grease up to NLGI 2

BEKA FluiLube:

Wheel flange lubrication

For all rail vehicles, light rail or heavy rail, such as streetcars, underground trains, trains, cranes

Industrial lubrication

Minimal lubrication for anti-friction bearings and bearing seals, such as rolling mill stands skin passings, roller tables

BEKA Foodline (Dry Lube Technology):

BEKA Foodline lubrication systems are for, a wide range of applications in the packaging and filling industry.

Applications: conveyors, packaging machines, labeling machines, washing machines

Lubricant: Various


Bekawind was developed for the wind converter industry and can be used in many applications.

Applications: blade bearings, generator bearings, yaw bearings, drive pinions

Lubricant:  Various

BEKA Clear-tronic (Environmental Technology):

The Cleartronic-system is used for many environmental challenges.

Applications: odour elimination in (garbage trucks, and air discharge devices), (need more info on sediments statement) sediments (fat, mud, algae)

Keywords: lubrication, Lubrication Systems, Progressive Systems

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