Ontario Selenium Enriched Pork

By: Beef Connections  09-12-2011
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Following the great success we are having with our Boxed Beef we have decided to add Boxed Pork to our product line on a trial basis.  As with the beef, we want to utilize the whole carcass and have as uniform selection of cuts as possible for each box.

The pigs in our Boxed Pork product are humanely raised in a loose housing facility with solid floors and straw bedding.  Manure is removed daily from the pigs living space keeping the barn air fresh and ammonia free.

The swine herd is fed a variety of grains including barley, wheat, peas, corn, flax and soybeans which are all grown and processed on farm.  Along with vitamins and minerals to maintain animal health and productivity.

Selenium Enriched Pork is available now!  (Omega-3 pork is coming.)

Health is a concern for everybody so we are working toward omega-3 and selenium enriched pork through the natural addition of ground flaxseed and organic selenium to our pig diets. 
Selenium enriched pork also enhances pork quality by increasing shelf life and reducing drip loss.


Health Benefits

Omega-3 fatty acids

Þ Cardiovascular health
Þ Enhance  immunity
Þ Important in the development of the  eyes, brain and nerves


Þ Anti-oxidant to improve immunity
Þ May provide benefits against numerous cancer types

A box contains a variety of cuts from the whole pig.

One 25 lb box of pork contains
Ham Roast 3-4lbs  
Pork Shoulder Roast 3-4lbs  
Pork Chops (6-7 Pkgs) 7-8 lbs  
Garlic Sausage (5- 6 Pkgs) 5-6 lbs  
Bacon 3-3.5 lbs  
Pork Patties (garlic) 1-2 lbs  
Schnitzel 1-1.5 lbs  
Value $95.00 plus $5.00 S&H    

The above list of contents are subject to change.  Suggestions are welcome.

7.5 lb boxes of pork chops and garlic sausage are available.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Pigs, Pork

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