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By: Bazan International  09-12-2011
Keywords: Renewable Energy Solutions

  We are cooperating with S olar S olution of Canada to promote the use of solar energy in Sudan . The use of solar energy in Sudan makes sense because Sudan has the right location where it receives sunlight on the average between 11 hours (in winter) to 13 hours (in summer) and the sun peaks between 6 to 7 hours, which is one of the highest in the world.

  The source of energy could be utilized anywhere in the country where development is needed without decompression of building long transmission lines, for example this energy could be used in pumping underground water to supply clean drinking water for both humans & animals and small projects. It can also be utilized in the city as backup system to unreliable power supply from grid the new technology of BIPV could also be utilized in concerting buildings to produce electric energy as well as to reduce the need of air conditioning.

  of Canada has the experience of using . They have obtained an International Award for their project Red River college where solar energy supply 1/3 (third) power needed by this college.   

Solar Solutions develops renewable energy solutions for commercial and residential buildings. We work with architects, engineers, and regulators to create integrated sub-systems which can reduce electrical and thermal energy loads while meeting esthetic and functional design parameters. BIPV applications:


       Spandrel infill panels


       Atrium roofs


       Windows - Semi-transparent, Laser Etched Patterns  

       PV roof tiles  

Keywords: Renewable Energy Solutions