Atlas Transformer Incorporated - Product Information

By: Atlas Transformer  09-12-2011

Atlas Transformer's design philosophy is to provide products that satisfy our customers' requirements and exceed their quality expectations. All units are skillfully engineered for a high level of efficiency, resulting in low energy losses. Dry Type Transformers are offered up to a rating of 15 MVA at 34.6 KV, 200 KV BIL. Liquid Filled Transformers are available up to a rating of 15 MVA at 69 KV, 350 KV BIL. The products we offer include the following:
  • Dry Type Station Service Transformers
  • Dry Type Power Transformers up to 15 MVA
  • Large Rectifier Transformers
  • Large Motor Starting Auto Transformers
  • Large Drive Isolation Transformers
  • Exciter Transformers
  • Traction Duty Transformers
  • Super Isolation Transformers
  • Liquid Filled Distribution Transformers
  • Liquid Filled Power Transformers up to 15 MVA
  • Integrated Outdoor Substations


Among Atlas Transformer's strengths is our ability to service special projects. We pride ourselves in our capability to complete special orders that our competitors cannot satisfy. Our flexibility and adaptability enhance the services we provide and reflect on our desire to meet the total needs of our customers.

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