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By: Arab Translation  09-12-2011
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Translation is the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language (the "source text") and the production, in another language, of an equivalent text (the "target text," or "translation") that communicates the same message.

We are the top leaders! Since 1987, our translators have helped thousands of companies achieve their objectives in the Middle East and the rest of the world. We employ the best translators and we adhere to the highest degrees of quality to produce materials that are authentic to the reader. We understand Arabic and the linguistic requirements to capture the market, and how to connect with customers. We understand the culture and know how to convey the message to your target audience. We will do it for you!We offer Arabic translation services, converting documents from many languages into Arabic and from Arabic into many languages. We employ only native speakers of Arabic to make sure that documents will look authentic. We have translators who specialize in almost every subject and field you can think of. We make sure that our qualified translators transform the information accurately. In addition, we will use the terms and jargons that match your subject so that your document will look and feel authentic.We translate:

Product manuals
Brochures & Guides
Technical reports
Financial reports 
Medical documents
Marketing reports
Legal documents
Product specifications 
Print ads and flyers
Mail-order catalogs
Commercials and infomercials
E-mail invitations and newsletters
Website and Internet content
Television and radio commercial scripts
Literary Text
Press Releases
Articles, Features, and Stories

All translations can be converted and delivered to you in the specified Format that you request. Here are some of the formats that we do: TXT, MICROSOFT OFFICE, PUBLISHER, PDF, PAGEMAKER, QUARKXPRESS , ILLUSTRATOR, 

Financial & Marketing translation
Clear Message

With the world becoming more interconnected, multinational and other foreign companies started taking the opportunity to open new markets overseas. One of the most lucrative of these markets is the Middle East. Oil prices have skyrocketed, and with it, the whole area started pumping billions of dollars into local economies. If you are interested in penetrating such a lucrative market, you need to use words that are appropriate to the market and have resonance. Your message will resonate with us as we have qualified financial and business translators who can do all your business requirements like annual reports, brochures, guides, marketing campaigns, and many other materials that has to with you business.


Copywriting is the process of writing the words that promote a person, business, opinion, or idea. It may be used as plain text, as a radio or television advertisement, or in a variety of other media. The main purpose of writing this marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the listener or reader to act, to buy a product or subscribe to a certain viewpoint. 
When it comes to copywriting, creativity plays a bigger role than preserving the original text. Copywriting involves transforming the source idea and words into an idea and words that make sense to the target audience. The text should attract and connect people with the idea in question.  Our Copywriters can do:

Body copy 
Direct mail pieces
Website and Internet content
Television and radio commercial scripts
Press releases
White papers
Print ads and flyers
Mail-order catalogs
Commercials and infomercials
E-mail invitations and newsletters
And other advertising media

Technical Translation
Technical Expertise

We have expert technical translators to do anything that has to do with technology or high-tech materials. Many of our technical translators are professional engineers in their respective fields and had been converting technical material into Arabic for many years. Our translators have a proven track record and solid technical understanding when working on technical documents. Our expertise will mean that your documents will have the correct terminology and will sound correct to your target technical audience.We will also create glossaries that are specific for your company that we will use over and over to maintain consistency in all future documents.

Legal Translation

As we all know, legal translations can be tricky and complex and it needs somebody who pays attention to details and structure. We will apply the highest degrees of cautiousness and diligence to make sure that your target text will match exactly the source one. No mistakes are allowed when it comes to legal text, and that is why we hire paralegals and legal advisors who have thorough knowledge of legal systems to do the text for you.We will adhere to the highest degrees of privacy, and no body will have access to your documents other that the people who do the translation and the account executive assigned to your job.

Medical translation

Medical translation can literally make the difference between life and death. Even the slightest error could result in the injury of someone.This is a very highly specialized discipline and should only be carried out by qualified medical translators.
We employ only qualified medical doctors, and pharmacists to do our translations when it has to do with medical records, medicine, pharmaceutical and biomedical materials. These professionals know both Arabic & English fluently and have been doing such translations for a long time.


We offer interpreting services worldwide, so no matter where your event is happening, we will be there. We have local Arabic Interpreters in 15 countries, but we are willing to send our interpreters to other locations as needed.
We have expert interpreters who can handle many different subjects like business conferences and exhibitions, meetings, negotiations, legal proceedings and any other event.
Our Arabic interpreters meet the highest standards of accuracy and ethics in the industry. For your convenience, our Arabic interpreters are available to travel anywhere required to meet your Arabian clientele, business partners or employees. We do not just hire bilinguals, but people who can quickly, clearly, efficiently, and accurately convey conversations and speeches in question.We provide simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, telephone & video conference, and escort interpreting.


When you enter the Middle Eastern market, you will have to be equipped with all the weapons needed to target your audience and captivate them. Many customers in the Middle East will take it for granted that your website or software is available in Arabic even they are fluent speakers of English. Sometimes, it is a matter of pride. But in fact, it is of the highest importance of an issue, because you will not be able to target some segments of the Middle East if your website is not accessible in Arabic. The same applies for software applications.

Website Arabization 

Website localization requires the transformation of text, images, icons, and formats to suit Arabic audience 
taste and culture. 
This will involve changing so many components of the website to suit the target audience. 
Needless to say, if you want to penetrate the Middle East market, you will have to localize your website, so Arabic speakers can access your website and read in the language they are familiar with.

Software Arabization 
Software localization is a process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture. With this in mind, we will help you make the software fully or partially localized to suit the target audience as per requirements.

We will be able to localize your 
Logos, Banners, Icons, Images, TextWe will work with you on a variety of formats like

Editing & Proofreading

We offer this as a secondary service that complements our range of services. Mistakes and misspellings could erode your company's stature and integrity and we are here to help you avoid that trap. The image of your company is valuable, and the style, structure, and integrity of the text you produce should be a reflection of your own. 
We have Arabic and English proofreaders to make sure you have the right word in the right place. We will check all grammatical, style, and structure errors in addition to any errors in the meaning or terminology used.

Summary Service
Time Efficiency

A summary is a shortened version of the original. The main purpose of such a simplification is to highlight the major points from the genuine much longer subject. The aim is to help the audience get the gist in a short period of time.
This is an important service for busy executives who do not have the time to read a whole report or document. We can help make the most out of your time by having one of our translators read the text and summarize it for you. 

Desktop Publishing 

Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) combines a personal computer and page layout software to create publication documents on a computer for both large scale publishing or small scale local economical multifunction peripheral output and distribution.
We will arabize any page layout that you have with the right text and message. We have graphic designers and layout specialists who will make sure your ads, brochures, manuals and any other printed materials looks identical to the origin but authentic to the target reader.

Some of the programs we use include: 

Arabic Logo Design

Are you setting up a new business or a new unit targeting the Arab World? Would you like to have an authentic feel and look? Would you like to bond with your target audience in the Middle East?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider designing a logo in Arabic. A logo is a graphic element, symbol, or icon of a trademark or brand. A typical logo is designed to cause immediate recognition by the viewer. The logo is one aspect of the brand of a company or economic entity, and the shapes, colors, fonts and images are usually different from others in a similar market.
We have expert designers who will help you make a logo that will give your company the stature and authenticity it deserves. We can create logos that are inspired by Arabic language, Arabic Calligraphy, and Arab arts & culture.

Subtitling & Dubbing

Subtitles are textual versions of the dialog in films and television programs, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. They can either be a form of written translation of a dialog in a foreign language or a written rendering of the dialog in the same language.We provide many services to meet your requirements, working on video clips in any type or format.We can do:
Films, Documentaries, Marketing Communications, In-flight videos, Company videos & messages
Other visual media


Dubbing or looping is the process of recording or replacing voices for a motion picture. The term is most commonly used in reference to voices recorded that do not belong to the original actors and speak in a different language than the actor is speaking. 

Foreign-language films and videos are often dubbed into the local language of their target markets to increase their popularity with the local audience by making them more accessible.We will help you access the Middle East market from its widest gates by dubbing any video clips that you want to use or distribute in Arab markets. We will retain all qualities of the original clip and replace the voice with an Arabic speaker that will match the original speaker in tone and vigor.

Language and Culture

Cultural Orientation
Learning the simple cultural do's and don't in the Middle East
When your company thinks about entering the Middle East market, you should understand the cultural and religious differences between the Middle East and the West. What is acceptable here might not be acceptable there. You should be able to understand the psyche of your clients.
That's why we created a PowerPoint presentation that addresses all the issues you need to know about the market. It will explain to viewers about the traditions, culture, and religion in the Middle East. You will know when and how to greet people, when to accept their invitation, and what to do in certain situations and events.
This presentation is available for on a licensing basis for your firm for cultural orientation purposes of your employees who are going to the Middle East.
For pricing and more information, please contact us detailing the number of employees who will use this presentation.

Foreign Language Lessons

Would like to learn Arabic? We can help executives learn Arabic through our affiliation with hundreds of tutors who can work with you on a personal basis, or as a group. 
We will make sure you make the most out of your time by matching your requirements with an expert tutor who will cater to your needs.
For a more information please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and requirements.

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