By: Aomprint  09-12-2011

Addressing your customer through print & mail since 1976

Addressing Your Customer Through Print & Mail Since 1976

Since 1976 Address-O-Matic Mailing has been helping businesses get their printed message, product, or service into the consumers hands.

 With Canada Post and their various products Unaddressed Admail, Lettermail, Publication Mail, Addressed Admail Programs 

of delivering mail to the consumer.

We can print your piece

 we can mail your piece get it to your customer.

 There are many ways to save money just ASK and we will make it work for you.


Are you mailing 500 items or more?

Incentive rates are available to customers when their mail is prepared according to specific guidelines.

 Send almost anything - invoices, bills, correspondence, surveys, promotional items and more!

Publication Mail

Get your publication  right in your reader's hands - anywhere in Canada. Send newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.

Stay connected with your readers.

Boost your circulation and grow your advertising revenues.

Unaddressed Admail

Behind every door is your customer, either at home or work.

 Get your message, your product or service and your offer into their hands.

Get a response.

Close the sale.


Put Direct Mail to work for you.

 Even without a customer list.

 Advertise to targeted neighbourhoods.

Addressed Admail


Is your message reaching the right customers, at the right time, when they're ready to buy?

 Or is your message lost on an audience who isn't right for your products/ services?

Learn how to make it work for you!