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By: All Auto Propane  09-12-2011
Keywords: Propane

  • Propane is one of nature‚Äôs most versatile fuels. Propane is clean burning, efficient, portable and economical. It is a fuel suitable for appliances in homes and cottages, for powering automobiles and forklifts, and for use at farms and businesses.

  • Propane occurs naturally in crude oil and natural gas production fields and is also produced in the oil refining process. It is extracted from natural gas and oil refining as a colourless, odourless, non-toxic, heavier-than-air vapour. Since propane is odourless, an "odourant" is added to allow for detection.

  • Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas, not a manufactured gas. Propane is one of several natural gas liquids (NGL). Other NGLs are ethane, butane, pentanes or a mixture of the above.

  • Propane, as a liquid, is stored under moderate pressure in cylinders or tanks for convenience and portability. Propane is transported by pipeline, rail car, or truck to marketers, who in turn, deliver it in bulk or in cylinders to the customers.

  • Canada produces approximately 8 billion litres each year with about 80% coming from natural gas wells in western Canada, the rest from oil refineries throughout the country. The total is about 10% of the world's supply. Approximately 40% of the propane produced in Canada is for domestic consumption and 60% is exported. Almost all propane exports are to the United States.

  • Keywords: Propane

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