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By: Alba Medical  09-12-2011

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Most Alba Medical "regular" prices are well discounted from MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices). An Individual Discount and a Volume Discount further reduce the "regular" prices.

Individual Discount

Alba Medical will set an Individual Discount for each client and is based on the following (we reserve the right to make exceptions based on our discrection):


First Order


on the first purchase (not combined with any other Individual Discounts)

Online Registered

up to 2%

for online purchases


up to 5%

65 years old and over



dependant on program agreement
Example: For a person who makes purchases online and is registered and is 65 years old, their Individual Discount will be 7% - this is a combination of 2% for being "Online Registered" plus 5% for being a "Senior".

Volume Discount

This discount is applicable to all purchases. It is applied on the amount after Individual Discount has been applied.



Volume ($150 to $250)


amount greater than $150 and less than $250

Volume (over $250)


amount greater than $250
Example: For a $350 purchase with an Individual Discount of 7%:
  $350.00  Purchase value before any discount  
  -$24.50  Individual Discount of 7%  
  $325.50  Value for volume discount  
  -$9.76  Volume Discount of 3% (re: "Value for volume discount" is over $250)  
  $315.74  Payable amount (after all discounts applied), total discount: $34.26 or 9.8%  
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Alba Medical Inc. - Payment

Generally payment is due to be sent upon receipt of goods (at store, online store, or credit card by phone). Depending on the situation we reserve the right to request payment in advance. We will hold monies to draw upon future purchases.


Alba Medical Inc. - Ways to Shop

During business hours - generally 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday excluding holidays - please call in advance to ensure the store is open.


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