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By: Ajb Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, Retail Transaction

AJB’s Retail Polling Module (RPM) is a high performance file transfer system for automated information delivery to address polling and software distribution needs.

Recognized as an industry leader in polling and file transfer, AJB’s RPM helps merchants move large volumes of critical data between head office, Point-Of-Sale (POS), and the Retail Transaction Switch (RTS).

RPM gives merchants flexibility in their application of polling. Data transfers can be scheduled for specific intervals or trickle-based to transmit data throughout the day. Merchants can also initiate polling sessions at their operations center or at the store outlet at any time.

RPM is engineered for fast, secure and efficient transfer of transaction files between the RTS and the POS, and, provides high performance file transfer delivery across multiple platforms. This module includes a software agent, called WANSupp, that resides on the store system to provide the messaging and file transfer capabilities on the store side.

Trusted by many of North America’s first rate merchants, RPM moves critical data quickly, securely and according to the settings specified. Several of AJB’s customers have taken the standard RPM product and customized it to meet their unique needs. Some of AJB’s customers use RPM as a stand-alone application without the corresponding transaction switch for payment authorization.

Key Features of Retail Polling Module

Checkpoint / Restart A communication session can be resumed where it left off after a loss of connection.

Remote Execution and Scheduling Using RTS Pathfinder polling schedules can be established and executed remotely, which is useful when the polling server is located at a different location from head office employees.

Schedule or Sleep Capability Interrupted file transfers stay queued until stores come back online to prevent the loss of data in the event of downtime.

Data Sequencing This function guarantees that the first file scheduled is the first file delivered.

Pacing RPM allows services, such as credit and debit transactions, a guaranteed share of the network bandwidth to ensure rapid customer service while still supporting business data exchanges. This feature allows merchants to prioritize file transfers. Vendors can shift the bandwidth allocation to prioritize financial transactions during peak hours, and business data during off hours.

Bi-Directional Communication RPM supports two-way communication using dial-in and dial-out capabilities allowing merchants the ability to push and pull information within their system.

Store Based Scheduling Any file placed in the WANSupp upload directory is transferred from the store to head office.

Triggers RPM supports triggers including scheduled time-of-day, interval, file, size, growth and creation.

Alerts RPM makes automated event alerts available through RTS Pathfinder as well as the NT Event log. Any other error logs desired are retrieved as part of daily or trickle transmission activities.

Intelligent Delivery Merchants often use RPM as a software delivery vehicle to the store systems.

Benefits of Retail Polling Module

Reporting RPM provides detailed and summary-based file transfer reporting.

Retrieve Real-Time Sales Data Using the trickle component, vendors can retrieve real time sales data from POS units. This time sensitive information allows head office to monitor daily activities and make adjustments where necessary.

Prioritized File Transfers RPM can be set to initiate high priority messages before lower priority messages.

Speed All AJB products are “Built for Speed”. Over thirteen years of product development has made RPM a fast and reliable polling application. The speed of RPM gets data to the headquarters in time for analysis and distribution.

Independent of Network Infrastructure RPM operates on any network or network configuration. Merchants can use their existing dial, ISDN, DSL, ADSL, SDSL, Frame Relay, or standard internet connection for RPM. RPM even allows each store to have its network parameters uniquely configured.

Customization Merchants can elect to have a continuous flow of information (trickle) or a standard polling implementation. AJB’s customers can easily set up file transfer based on date specifications or an explicit event.

Large Transaction Volumes RPM accommodates significant file transfer volumes. Files are compressed prior to shipping and decompressed once they are returned. RPM can achieve up to an 80% compression rate.

Maximizes Bandwidth RPM is designed to get the best performance out of communication networks.

Easy to Install and Maintain RPM is designed with high volume merchants in mind. As a result, all functions and configurations are simplified for easy set up and maintenance.

Windows Based As with all AJB products, RPM is a Microsoft Windows based product supporting Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

Keywords: Customer Service, Retail Transaction

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