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By: Ajb Software  09-12-2011
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AJB’s Flexible Integrated Payment System (FiPay) is the ultimate store level communication gateway interfacing the merchant’s PIN pad devices, Point-of-Sale (POS) system, Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) network, and financial institutions.

Typically, FiPay connects the POS system to AJB’s RTS.  However, in many cases AJB’s customers use the flexibility of FiPay to connect to the payment processors directly.

FiPay collects and consolidates transaction data for any payment method (credit card, debit, gift, loyalty cards, etc.) and formats the information according to the needs of the financial institution.  Once all formatting is complete, FiPay transmits the message to the payment processor for authorization.  FiPay completes the process by accepting the acknowledgement from the payment processor or RTS and passes the message along to the Point-Of-Sale (POS) device.

Benefits of FiPay

SECURE FiPay has passed a PABP audit.

FLEXIBLE FiPay provides merchants the power to design and configure their system according to unique needs. FiPay’s design contains the flexibility needed to adapt according to the needs of each vendor.

EASY INTEGRATION FiPay has been integrated into all leading POS applications giving merchants assurance that their network components will communicate effectively.

REAL-TIME MESSAGING FiPay integrates payment services and real-time transaction messaging into the merchant’s POS. This provides POS system access for credit card, debit, gift cards, loyalty programs, and customer inquiries.

CROSS INDUSTRY APPLICATION FiPay has been deployed into retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, government institutions and other industries requiring payment.

PROVEN TIER 1 MERCHANT BASE The best companies world-wide use FiPay today.

SUPPORTS FOR ALL MESSAGE FORMATS FiPay supports all message formats required by North American financial institutions to allow merchants to select their payment processor and easily switch to a new bank if better rates are negotiated.

MULTIPLE PIN PAD SUPPORT FiPay has been integrated with several PIN pads over the years including the most widely used devices. Customers simply have to tell AJB which device or PIN pad they want to use.

USES ANY COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL FiPay operates over the most popular communication environments including TCP/IP, Frame Relay, ISDN, Internet VPN and X25 so merchants can implement network solutions based on the needs of each store.

INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS FiPay can be delivered in a number of different ways to allow merchants in Canada, US, Asia and Europe to overcome the unique banking requirements in each country. At the time of setup, AJB will configure FiPay based on the unique needs of each country.

BATTLE TESTED FiPay has been installed in the busiest stores and passes the rigorous test of post-Thanksgiving Day and Christmas season shoppers. Merchants can rest assured that FiPay and all other AJB components can handle the aggressive transaction volumes produced by the largest merchants.

SCALABLE FiPay’s scope can grow as customers expand their business. Merchants can add payment alternatives to FiPay over time without the hassle of a major system overhaul.


FiPay includes the logic required to accept an RFID equipped payment card. Deployed by MasterCard under the banner “PayPass” and also by VISA and American Express, RFID payment cards are a quickly growing mode of payment. The primary benefit of RFID is reduced check out time at each register due to the swipe and go methodology of the application. Among other RFID benefits, merchants have also experienced increased dollar value of purchase as compared to cash only transactions.

Another feature of FiPay is the ability to accept Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) transactions. These “chip and pin” transactions require an end-user to authorize a transaction with a PIN entry rather than a traditional signature. EMV is a widely deployed standard covering Europe, the UK and Asia. EMV is being rolled out in Canada but its future in the United States is unknown. The largest advantage of EMV is fraud reduction derived from the PIN entry requirement.

Keywords: network solutions, Pos, Retail Transaction

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