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By: Agentlocator  09-12-2011
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We've found that the biggest problem with closing the leads was actually calling them.  There are usually 2 problems.

  • Problem #1 - Agents Get Busy
    You of all people know what it means to be a real estate agent.  When you get really busy you don't have any time for prospecting/following up.  So you usually drop the ball on calling the leads we send you.
  • Problem #2 - Dealing With Rejection/Fakes/Bad Leads
    While some agents don't have an issue dealing with rejection, some find it very difficult to overcome for many reasons.  You might not have it in you, you might feel it's too much of a hassle.  What ever the reason it will heart your closing ratio if you don't know how to deal with it. 

Hiring a full time pre-qualifier was the key to making a good system even better.  Things that a pre-qualifier will do for you:

  • Mark fakes
    You don't have to worry about fake leads any more.  When we find that a lead is fake we automatically mark it as fake.
  • Follow up calls
    When we don't catch the lead on the phone right away we will do all the follow up calls/emails for you until we do.
  • Notify you of qualified leads
    Once we've found a qualified lead a live person will contact you to share all the info we've gathered about the lead.  A qualified lead also means a lead that is expecting your call or even better that has a set appointment made for you to meet.

If you're interested in getting more info please call us.  905 712 1001.

Keywords: Real Estate

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