Consulting Assistance for the Non-Profit Sector

By: Advancon  09-12-2011

Communications Reviews / Audits - conducting assessments of an association’s communications effectiveness with members, prospective members and stakeholder groups to provide improvement recommendations.  Advancon utilizes a two/three phase assessment to ensure a cost effective approach in these engagements.

Professionalism Revitalization - providing advice and research based recommendations to assist professional associations in revitalizing the basis of their memberships’ professionalism, to ultimately provide the individual practitioner with an improved quality of professional life, and to establish or reinforce recognition of the association's leadership role in the practitioner's perception.

Valued Research Reporting to Members - providing program concept applications and assisting in the execution of shared cost research studies, both one time projects and on-going programs, to provide a valued member service and to generate non-dues revenues for the association.