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Our trades people, installers have up to 30 years experience in the industry. Giving you the homeowner peace of mind you're getting the best possible job

The Services provided by Advanced Roofing Specialists

At Advanced Roofing Ontario we are proud to offer the most important services you need to maintain the integrity and beauty of your home. For over 30 years we’ve been serving the Ontario area and building a reputation for quality that we’re proud of.

One of our services, of course, is new roofs and replacement roofs. Our consultants can help you choose the type of shingles that are best for your roof and that achieve the look you want for your home. Offered in a rainbow of colors and many different styles, you’re sure to find the right type of roofing shingle in a color that brings out the true beauty of your home.

We also offer roof inspections as regular maintenance calls or in an emergency when you suspect your roof is leaking. It’s important to have your roof inspected at least once every three years for damage or potential problems; it could save you a small fortune if you catch a problem as it starts as opposed to after it has damaged your home. If you have a leak we can make emergency repairs or protect your home from further water intrusion until a larger repair can be made.

Our roofing staff and consultants are trained in the very latest techniques in the industry. You may think you need a new roof or a major repair but be pleasantly surprised when we finish our inspection and tell you the cause of a leak is a minor, inexpensive job. You may think your roof has failed when you see a leak in your attic during a rainstorm but you may only need the metal flashing replaced. We at Advanced Roofing Ontario take pride in saving people money while offering the finest quality in materials, workmanship and most of all, ethical treatment of all our clients.

We also replace soffits, fascia, eaves troughs (gutters) and metal flashing on both residential and commercial buildings. If you need a skylight installed or want a sun tunnel to bring light into your home our consultants can help you place it to best advantage and our skilled personnel can install it quickly and professionally.

We are also proud of the quality of our employees, skilled and knowledgeable in all the latest construction techniques as well as new materials on the market. All our employees are trustworthy, professional and ethical. When you see Advanced Roofing Ontario pull up in front of your house, you know you’re getting the best quality materials, workmanship and consulting services at competitive prices.

Keywords: Advanced Roofing

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