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By: Advanced Presentation Solutions  09-12-2011

At Advanced, we're a simple bunch - we just aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

In the past 6 quarters our quality feedback scores have continually improved to reach a 10/10 rating but we believe that we’re only as good as our last happy customer - so we strive for perfection in every single project we undertake.

Our installation team has a 25-point checklist that must be completed at the end of every installation. Because of our commitment to after-sales care, we never deem a project complete oruser-ready until all 25 points have been ticked-off.

Additionally, we also ask our customers to rate their satisfaction with our work and we continually strive for a perfect rating. For these reasons, installations planned and executed by Advanced are second to none.

And that’s why our clients don’t hesitate to recommend our services to other companies.

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