ADM: Fuel

By: Adm Cocoa  09-12-2011

The world is expected to consume 55 percent more energy by 2030 than it did in 2005. But with petroleum reserves declining and emissions from traditional fossil fuels increasing, there is a growing need to draw upon cleaner, renewable, sustainable energy sources to meet rising global demand. 

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ADM: Feed Ingredients

From our main ingredients like vegetable proteins, co-products, grains, milling co-products, and corn processing co-products to amino acids, lecithin, and organic acids, we have the ingredients you need to raise more productive, healthier swine. ADM has an extensive line of feed ingredients to help you both environmentally and economically.


ADM: Grain & Farmer Services

From making it easier to get a fair price for grain to playing an active role in the communities where we do business, we provide services to help farmers achieve success, sustain their livelihoods and earn a profit from their business. Our grain and farmer services were developed to help farmers get the most from their crops. We want to know, because at ADM, everything we do starts with you.


ADM: Products & Services

At more than 265 processing plants, we convert corn, oilseeds, cocoa, wheat and other crops into food, feed, fuel and industrial products needed to sustain a growing global population. Because ADM is one of the world’s leading agricultural processors, we’re able to serve thousands of customers efficiently and profitably.