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By: Acumen Prescience  09-12-2011

Scheduled Replication Manager is a real-time database merging utility, to synchronize data between three fragmented databases. All three databases are organized in such a way that at the accomplishment of the process, all databases become replica of the others.

Key Features

  • Database Prioritization
  • Primary key constraint violation handling
  • Replication management through identity columns
  • Manual Replication Initiation
  • Automatic Replication Initiation by Service

A utility designed to generate Microsoft Word documents automatically through mapping of XML file tags to relevant template file tags. The ensuing word document is then imaged to multiple destination locations over a network, eliminating manual file transfer.

Key Features

  • Auto imaging facility
  • Local machine and LAN locations support
  • One source to multiple destination imaging
  • One-to-one mapping of XML and template files
  • Tag-to-tag mapping of XML and template files

A website aimed to facilitate customers by providing them an online help desk for troubleshooting and allowing them to communicate with the company's technical staff. The system provides role-based security to the support team allowing administrators to direct customer queries to technical experts. The result is quick response to customers and efficient query management for the support team.

Key Features

  • Accurate ticket management
  • Role-based security
  • Multi-department account management
  • Troubleshooting assurance through multiple follow-ups
  • Strict authentication of legitimate customer prior to registration
  • Quick user searching through multi-level filtering

A utility having the proficiency of automatic file imaging over a network to their respective destinations in real-time; eliminating effort and time of manual file transfer. System also has the capability to map the effect of any modification in the file at source location onto the destinations.

Key Features

  • Auto Routing Facility
  • Auto Deletion Facility
  • Local machine and LAN locations support
  • One source to multiple destination Auto Routing
  • Customized source/destination size management
  • File Extension based Routing
  • Wildcard characters support
  • New and modified files support
  • Optional Logging support
  • Routing queue functionality for offline destination
  • VPN Location support

Farm Management System - a quick and easy-to-use business solution designed to match the workflow and requirements of animal farms; specifically for dairy animals, providing data entry and management of farm's production and resources. Its main functionalities incorporate animal registration and management, consumer management, customized billing and reporting.

Key Features

  • Animal and Consumer Management
  • Milk Delivery and Extraction Management
  • Food Items Management
  • Parameterized Reporting

A sophisticated and customized system designed to provide deductive information about patients and doctors for optimum appointment scheduling.

Faxing Automation System is a state-of-the-art system which facilitates an organization to send faxes prepared and saved in some master application database during the daily work flow of operations, without a fax machine by using a telephone line only.