ACTM Applications Engineering

By: Actm  09-12-2011

This service provides our customers access to our extensive experience with the application of test machines and the product or specimen being tested.

  • ACTM is able to assist with or independently design test fixtures to suit any situation.
  • ACTM is ready to visit with you and discuss the most appropriate cost effective test methods and fixtures.

Our extensive experience always proves itself beneficial and useful.

Other products and services from Actm


ACTM Maintenance Services

ACTM also provides our customers with in-house maintenance personnel training in order to reduce downtime and frustration. ACTM is highly experienced at maintaining of all kinds of machines and instrumentation used in the industry and in R&D. Maintenance contracts are available to ensure quick response and reduced downtime.


ACTM Production Monitoring

Real time access to production data for plant and management personnel. Automatic escalation and notification of plant issues. Plant floor data collection and analysis tools. The also allows real time communication with. Plant floor operator input and feedback.


ACTM Engineering Services

This service offers our customers access to our vast experience with the design and retrofitting of machines and includes all relevant technologies such as. ACTM is also able to re-engineer machines to perform better than when new. Electric, Electronic, Computer, and PLC control.