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By: Accsion  09-12-2011

Services Income Tax ReturnsIncluded in our standard service is the preparation of year-end Federal and Provincial income tax returns. Corporate Income Tax ReturnsOur standard tax services include year-end corporate income tax returns for both the Federal and Provincial governments. These returns are generated from the Financial Statements prepared by our staff based on the records you have provided to us. Personal Income Tax ReturnsIf your business operates as a proprietorship or partnership, we will report the results of your operations on a Personal Income Tax Return as required by CCRA. Accsion also prepares Personal Income Tax Returns for individuals with employment income. Individual Income Tax Returns for as low as $40. Same day service while you wait, drop off and pick-up, or 24 hour service.Bookkeeping ServicesYour books can be written up on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. If you have PST or GST quarterly obligations, monthly or quarterly frequency of bookkeeping is appropriate. If you have annual remittance obligations, we can write up your books at the end of your fiscal year. For our quarterly and monthly clients, we pick up your records by courier as soon as you receive your bank statements. Our staff will forward, by fax, email or in person, an easy to use input form for your GST and PST returns. At year-end, your Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns are prepared. Financial StatementsIncluded in our standard service is the preparation of your Financial Statements for income tax purposes. These statements are prepared by our staff from the records you provide. Your income tax return (corporate or personal) is then generated from these statements. PayrollAccsion can take care of all your payroll requirements or we can train your staff with current software to prepare your own payroll. If you choose to have us look after the payroll for your company, you need only send us your gross pay figures and we will return your payroll deduction and net pay amounts. At month end we will send you an input form to allow you to prepare your payroll remittance form and payment. At year end, we will prepare your T4's, T4 Summary, and Payroll Summary for income tax purposes. Goods and Services Tax – G.S.T.Accsion will assure your GST returns are completed accurately and on a timely basis. We will generate the figures for your return from the bookkeeping records we have prepared for you. Timely filing is essential to avoid penalties and interest or to receive your refund as soon as you are entitled to it. Provincial Sales Tax – P.S.T.The Retail Sales Tax is collected on your sales and is remitted to the province annually or thoughout the year. Accsion will prepare these returns for you and keep your account up to date to avoid penalties and interest on late or missed remittances. Communications/ Liasons with AuditorsYou or your company may be chosen for an audit by Federal or Provincial tax authorities. Should this occur, we at Accsion will manage your audit for you and handle relations with the tax authorities on all current matters under review. Should you be behind in your income tax filings, Accsion can be engaged to prepare prior years' Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns. Overdue payments for GST, PST, Payroll Taxes, and Income Taxes attract serious penalties and interest. Engage Accsion to prepare and file any missing returns from past years and resolve your overdue account.

Other ServicesData-Entry, Manufacturing & Service Solutions. At our location or outsourced.For clients with significant data-entry needs, Accsion can provide service locally or through our affiliates located in off-shore countries where labour costs are lower. Management ConsultingAccsion can also be engaged to assist you with challenges from the management aspect of your business. An experienced, objective evaluation of your systems and a prompt solution are part of the services available from Accsion.
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