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By: Abundance Naturally  09-12-2011

Front Page – Abundance Naturally

The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Balm comes in a convenient 15ml size, which is great for your on-the-go life style, and provides a natural solution to the dry winter lips we are all too familiar with.  Upon trying this product Tina pointed out not only the natural look and feel of the product but also its great revitalization ability:

The balm stays with you quite awhile. It soaks into your lips and removes that cracked, caked look. This is great! There is nothing worse than putting on a lip gloss or lipstick and having it look uneven or dry like you’ve been wearing it all day. After 24hrs, despite the taste, I knew I wanted to continue using this product on a regular basis. It actually seems to heal up the lips rather than just temporarily erase dryness!

One thing we’ve always liked about the Thursday Plantation products is the power of Tea Tree Oil as a natural cleaner and disinfectant. Tea Tree Oil has a number of medical properties, including antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Some studies have even suggest that 5% tea tree oil has shown effect comparable to 5% benzoyl peroxide; and being able to harness this kind of germ fighting power in a natural product means you can keep yourself and your family clean without exposure to harmful chemicals:

The following three items are simply terrific. The Liquid Filled Cotton Tips and the Antibacterial Spray are a must for your first aid kit! They are perfectly sized and convenient.

Now when it comes down to any product line, we always pick favorites, for Tina it was the cotton-tips:

The Cotton Tips are my favorite! A quick snap of the top will cause a clear antiseptic liquid, containing tea tree oil and aloe vera, to seep into the cotton swab end.

To be honest the Cotton Tips are one of our favorite too! Self-contained antiseptic to go! What more could you ask for! One of the kids gets a cut at the playground, clear it up with a cotton tip, want to clean your keyboard at the office crack open cotton tips. Versatile and all natural quite the winning combination!

Finally Tina came around to testing out the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil soap and she had this to say:

The soap is natural and organic. It’s a very raw soap and could use to be a little more rounded for kids hands. However, the bonus to this soap is little to no smell and a fantastic, creamy lather. It has the benefit of being an antiseptic soap and is safe to use on a daily basis.

Soft sent-free soap that is safe for kids and comes with antiseptic cleaning power! It’s truly a great addition to any bathroom; in fact adding Tea Tree Oil to your daily routine is something we are hearing more and more doctors and specialists telling us to do; and it’s why we’ve continued to stand by our Australian suppliers and their natural products – for it’s clearly the type of product that our clients love!

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Using the naturally antibacterial properties of Tea Tree Oil as the therapeutic active, Thursday Plantation has created a line of 100% natural, Certified Organic Face, Hair and Body Care products that contain no parabens, SLS, petrochemicals or artificial ingredients. Abundance Naturally is proud to introduce Thursday Plantation's new Certified Organic Personal Care Range now available in Canada.


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We are proud and passionate about Australia and love being able to bring you exceptional lines such as Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Products, Bellaboo - a Natural Skin Care line for Tweens and Teens, eco.kid Organics for kids and Sanctum – a luxurious Skin and Body Care system for Men, Women and Babies.


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Look no further than Sanctum Moisture Concentrate, Enriched with Rosemary Extract to help fight the signs of ageing this daily moisturizer will be sure to keep your skin smooth and help fight the signs of aging. Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Certified Organic Hand & Body lotion helps to moisturize skin with natural Aloe, tone it with Witch Hazel, and cleanses and protects with Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil.