EXCEL Business Intelligence Solution

By: 6degreesit  09-12-2011

6 Degrees has developed a Business Intelligence solution that converts excel data into a database format and presents it for editing, viewing & reporting through an easy to use web based interface. We don't call this a product because it truly is a solution that is tailored to your business and your data.

Over the years, the role of business intelligence (BI) within organizations has evolved to help businesses increase the level of insight they are able to achieve on a daily basis.

  • The use of Excel has survived throughout Business Intelligence's journey to become one of the central ways the Business Intelligence community collects, stores and manages information in order to gain deeper insights into what is occurring within the organization.
  • Although a powerful tool with the ability to analyze data while maintaining analytic autonomy, there exist downsides to using Excel as the main source of business intelligence.
  • Accounting teams wanting Drive MIS out of Tally

6 Degrees IT delivers business intelligence through three layers:

Quickly and easily create dashboards and scorecards with Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet software, so that everyone can align with departmental and organizational goals. Automate the supporting processes with Microsoft Office Visio drawing and diagramming software. And manage the workflow with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. SharePoint Server also lets you share reports and analysis, and collaborate with colleagues.

Equip your people with reporting and analysis tools and technologies that will help capture the structured and unstructured information they use to make decisions. Easily create reports and perform analysis with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services. Pivot functionality and slice and dice lets you look at data different ways and drill down to explore trends. Of course, users can always count on Excel to manipulate data and create reports.

Get insight into the data you need through an integrated, centrally managed, and trusted data source. Microsoft offers an enterprise-ready BI platform with SQL Server. Many healthcare organizations are using SQL Server for data and records management, and so are already familiar with how easy it is to manage. You can combine data from multiple sources into one location and provide access to information from a unified, trusted database, using SQL Server as your data warehouse.

Potential Users

  • Organizations where MIS is run on Excel.
  • Any applications where sales, order, accounting, inventory or any other data is being stored in excel.
  • Accounting teams wanting Drive MIS out of Tally.

Case Study


Multi location law firm was storing its billing data (a linked excel file) that was merged across 4 locations & processed to come up with 1 report that the management could view on a weekly basis. There were issues around data consistency, timing, logistics & accuracy.

  • We stepped into deploy the Excel BI solution where now all accounting users in each one of the locations has an online tool to enter billing data, the finance team in the head office has the ability to view & finalize the data & it is presented real time to the management via the same online portal.
  • As an extension we also provided them with custom Business intelligence views for them to analyze this data, things such as comparison of time between billing and recovery as compared to the industry & billing type (Hourly bills in real estate realize 22 days later as compared to lump sum bills in the same industry)

Benefits Provided

  • Quick deployment: This solution has been developed using modular technologies which allowed them to make customizations & configure the solution for their needs very quickly.
  • Web based solution: It can be accessed from anywhere on their LAN or over the internet.
  • Secure solution: Role based permissions on view & edit of data, 2 factor or 3 factor authentication possible.
  • Decentralize data entry: By providing access to users across the organizations.
  • Real time reporting.
  • Business Intelligence ready: Unlocked the secrets that are hiding in their data
  • Seamless integrations with other systems.
  • Scalable solution: The application deployed on their premise or on a SaaS model.

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