Christian iindividual therapeutic Retreat for emotional breakthrough

By: George Hartwell  09-12-2011
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Christian iindividual therapeutic Retreat for emotional breakthrough

Personal retreats with are more effective than weekly sessions because of the focus of time and energy, the lack of distraction between sessions allows, the development of deeper trust and the accumulation of gains from session to session.

The Program or 'what we do at a n intensive therapeutic retreat

What we do at a Christian personal therapeutic retreat is share and discuss your goals and issues making a list of problem areas.  We will look at significant life patterns - your personality profile.  We will identify your 'program,' that is the rules and core beliefs that are part of your problem areas and your personality profile.

One way we get at this is through a comprehensive list of feeling states associated with each problem area and key issue.  As we explore these feelings we will put them into a personal assertion - a sentence using the feeling word.  That gets us closer to understanding the significant core beliefs.

We will use Christian listening prayer therapy if it fits for you.  Prayer therapy enhances life transformation but is not for everyone and that is okay.  However, prayer therapy does speed the identification of key memories, core beliefs and the resolution of these in a very satisfactory and stable way.

The out come of an intensive therapeutic retreat

Christian therapeutic retreats can result in the following outcomes:

1.  An increase in personal effectiveness to achieve your dreams and goals.  This may be the result of increased emotional self-regulation and social / emotional intelligence.

2.  An increase in the rewards you reap from life, including financial blessings and the enhanced ability to enjoy life.  This may be the result of less self-sabotage or self-condemnation.

3.  An enhanced capacity to establish and maintain intimate connections and business  partnerships which means enriching your marriage and being more attuned to emotional issues effecting people at work.

4.  I notice people becoming both more relaxed and peaceful and more radiant and joyful.  This may be the result of feeling more bonded and secure in their most important relationships.

5.  People also develop more confidence in themselves, more comfort with being their authentic selves.  There is less escape from themselves into multimedia and more living in the moment and experiencing the now.

6.  Identity transformation leaves behind the conflicts and dysfunctions of the old personality pattern giving one more energy and motivation to engage and move ahead in life.

7.  Some people are perpetually stuck and unable to mature emotionally until they have deep life and identity transformation.  The key to getting started is missing until this happens.  For these people, life transformation is truly a birth into life - a rebirth.

Peggy-Lynn of Winnipeg, Manitoba writes:
"My retreat was a 12 hour commitment of two days and it effected me so profoundly that I feel healed and whole. That time brought me back to life.
I can't believe how much was accomplished in just two six hour days!"

My goal is to resolve key individual issues that are rooted in one's life in childhood.

Peggy-Lynn reports: "As I  revealed my pain, George did not offer me a band-aid but brought me into a deep healing experience where my wounds were completely healed not just felt better."

When working with Christians there is the additional goal of learning to bond and trust Jesus and to turn to God for one's deepest security and safest emotional 'home base.' 

Sharon D, of Beaton, Ontario, writes: I am amazed at the results. Not only has God given me tremendous insight into my emotional scars and the lies I had believed, He has also replaced these with His truth. The added bonus is that, throughout this process, Jesus has become very real, personal and dear to me."

The important element in therapy is working with a therapist who cares, who respects you and who gives 100% to see you get the results you want.  Peggy-Lynn commented: "George's manner and approach provided a relaxed, caring and safe environment." .."I appreciate George for picking me up at the airport because it set a relaxing, caring and safe environment for me to open myself up to."

Respecting my clients means allowing them to set limits on what they discuss, working on goals they set and respecting their faith, beliefs, religion.

Peggy-Lynn wrote: "George had a wonderful way of respecting, understanding and honoring my Catholic faith in such a way I felt affirmed, accepted and encouraged to live as a child of god within my own faith walk."

The retreat can be held at my office in Toronto to save costs. A client writes: "Going to George's office then returning to my motel for every session was as beneficial as going on a retreat, without the cost, because it is not the place but the process that heals. Working in George's office was as peaceful and relaxing as if on a retreat."


The therapy sessions fee with George are $100 per hour.  Fee for a six hour day is $600 per day. 


A retreat can be from 2 to 5 days in length with 6 hours of therapy per day.

Payment Methods:

Payment in advance by credit card by PayPal (the E-Bay secure payment method).

Payment on registration by cash or cheque.  I do not process debit cards or credit cards at the office.


In Toronto call George Hartwell (416) 234-1850.

by Skype: GeorgeHartwell

Booking Deposit:

A nonrefundable deposit of one- third of the full fee books the time.  Remainder due on arrival.

Getting to Toronto

Pearson International Airport, Toronto (travel code is YYZ) is the main international airport serving Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  My office is just outside Toronto in Mississauga.

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Keywords: Therapeutic Retreat

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