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By: Riverbed  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wan Optimization

"Thanks to Riverbed, we have work done in Shanghai by people in Denver. That was completely undoable in the past."
—Chris Ireland, Global Network Manager, Lucy Switchgear

Businesses move at light speeds today. They not only need a fast mobile workforce but also high performance, scalable IT solutions that match their business growth, and visibility into the IT infrastructure.

Riverbed solves the application performance challenge with WAN optimization.

Steelhead® appliances from Riverbed outperform the competition by improving a company’s ability to deliver fast data services to remote offices, without having to install servers in every location. With Steelhead Mobile, data moves faster to any PC or laptop — mobile workers, home offices, and very small branch offices. Employees can download and send data as if they were in the office, be productive, and collaborate more.

Our appliances scale to any branch office, saving you thousands of dollars in reduced operating costs.

We provide visibility tools for management with at-a glance reporting on optimization and traffic visibility. Riverbed Cascade® analyzes traffic for faster problem resolution to improve the performance and availability of business services. Your team gains valuable insights into networks, applications, and servers. All in all, Riverbed solutions address all of the factors of accelerated data delivery, productivity, and scalability at a reduced infrastructure cost.

Improve Employee Productivity

Speed applications, raise productivity, and eliminate the impact of distance between remote offices, mobile workers, the data center, and business headquarters.

  • Improve the performance of many of the most commonly used applications across the network, typically by 5-50 times and in some cases by up to 100 times.
  • Accelerate operations by reducing the time required to complete repetitive operations.
  • Ensure fast, reliable access to data and applications for employees around the globe; achieve LAN-like performance for mobile employees, no matter where they are; promote real-time collaboration, enable distributed collaboration and outsourcing, and streamline communications.
  • Transfer data faster and complete transactions in record speeds, even in remote locations.
  • Free up employees to spend more time with the customer and less time on the computer.

Improve Inter-Office Collaboration

Deliver strategic value to the company while helping your employees contribute and collaborate globally, anywhere, anytime.

  • Faster application response times improve inter-office collaboration and industry competitiveness.
  • Physical location is no longer a limitation; anyone can work on any project from anywhere.
  • Work with large-size files in a distributed manner on wide-area networks.
  • Reduce product development times and quicken product-to-market times

Increased Infrastructure Agility at Reduced Costs

Give senior management visibility into the IT infrastructure. Make better business decisions that save money, resources, and efficiencies. Elevate your IT group from just providing a utility to contributing meaningfully to the business.

  • Acceleration — Maximize WAN optimization in all locations where your company does business. Optimize applications, servers, and networks in the branch office, out in the field, and in primary and secondary data centers. Improve time to market, enable follow-the-sun development models, enhance workload balancing, and gain flexibility for your business.
  • Analysis — Analyze whether your resources are being used best for your business. Accelerate key applications and control your resources to best suit your enterprise needs.
  • Visibility — Cascade is the only network visibility solution that uses behavior-based technologies to analyze traffic, speed problem resolution, and improve the performance of business services.
  • Performance — Simultaneously address bandwidth constraints, TCP behavior in high latency networks, and inefficiencies in the applications themselves; provide significant acceleration for all key applications that cross the WAN.
  • Agility — Respond to changing business needs quickly, without ballooning your budget, make your IT infrastructure much more nimble, locate data centers anywhere — and move them in a fraction of the time.

Cut Costs & Realize ROI

Target investments that actually cut costs and prepare for the future. Present a strategy that delivers savings today and greater opportunity in the future.

  • Cut costs today — WAN optimization reduces bandwidth upgrades for two years or more in some cases. Free up budget for the bottom line and for other critical projects. Avoid router upgrades and server refreshes, and enable greater consolidation.
  • Mobility as cost-savings strategy — Using WAN optimization software for mobile users allows them to be connected to the enterprise as if they were working in an office. With that level of performance, users can work from home more frequently and reduce the burden on companies in terms of branch office operating costs and real estate investments.
  • Realize ROI — WAN optimization allows your company to realize ROI on other projects. CRM, ERP, disaster recovery, and communications platforms benefit from greater performance. WAN optimization makes these new projects perform better over the WAN, accelerates user adoption, and costs less to implement.
  • Prepare the business for the future — WAN optimization allows businesses to cut costs now because it's an enabling technology across the complete enterprise. A small investment now can prepare the business to grow rapidly when the time is right. New IT projects can be deployed faster. IT teams can be more responsive to business needs in good times or bad.

Keywords: Wan Optimization

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