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By: Gerber's Landscape & Design  09-12-2011
Keywords: flower, planting, Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Aerating:
Aeration of the lawn is the addition of air to the soil the
presence of air in the soil is essential to good plant growth.

Lawn bagging:
Lawn bagging promotes better aeration which in turn can
accelerate the decomposition of the thatch as the segments
lifted to the lawn surface and raked or vacuumed away,
there for preventing their settling back in to the soil.

Lawn cutting:
Is a regular shortening or cutting of the lawn to client's diesiried length
Request  and scheduled term by virble agreement available
inquier about yours today.

Spring lawn dethaching:
Spring lawn dethatching promotes better aeration which in turn can
accelerate the decomposition of the thatch as the segments
lifted to the lawn surface and raked or vacuumed away,
there for preventing their settling back in to the soil.

Landscape Edging:
Edging refers to cutting a sharp line of separation usually
between a planting and adjacent lawn.

Landscape, lawn Fertilizating :
Once established landscape plants will grow with greater 
health and vigor if they are fertilized annually.

Lawn Repair:
Patching is warranted when bare spots are at least 1 foot in
diameter seed, sod, plugs or springs should be selected to
to match the grass of a established lawn.

Sickle Mower, Field brush Cutting:
Cicle brush cutting cuts long thick field grasses
down too three inches with a cicle serrated blade.
24" inch power Lawn Sweeping:
4.5 horse walk behind with 24" briscel broom   cleans up
gravel and setamit quickly off of small lawn surefaces.
Lawn Mulching:
Leave mulching can extend a lawn and landscape maintenance

Landscape Plant Care or Injurie Identification:
When specting by looking at a plant that something is
wrong.  We are witnessing the plant's response of
plants to insects and pathogenic irritants.
Scaffold Tree branch Jump Cut Sawing:
This method allows a scaffold limb to be removed without taking a long slice of bark when it fall's.

Hedge Thining Out  Pruning:  
Is the removel of a shurb branch at or near the crown or
it's point of origin.

Hedge Heading Back Pruning:
Is the shortening rather then total removal of a twig,  It is a means of  reducing  the size of a shurb in a case were shurbs
have become tall and sparse.

Formative Pruning:
Formative pruning young plants to encourage them to develop a
bushy habit with strong shoots emerging from ground level.

Plant dead heading Pruning:
Dead heading is the removal of dead flower blossoms
on some landscape plant annual's.

Flower Pinching Pruning:
Hard pinching may shorten each stem by one third or more,
Soft pinching removes the terminal bud or at the most
the terminal and the first set of laterals.

Landscape Plant Topdressing:
Is the adding  of topsoil on top of a plant
to inprove the soil beneath.

Landscape Soil Culivating:
Soil cultivating works up the soil allowing air 
and moisture below the sureface essential for good
plant growth.

Flowerbed Mulch:
100% flowerbed wood chip mulch delivered and installed
Available in Rubish red, Black, & Chocolet Brown,
And can be applied to your landscape in the form of
organic and inorganic.

Flowerbed Weeding:
Removal of flowerbed weeds that may be defined as a plant having
no positive economic value and or growing where it is not desired.

Foundation Planting:
a foundation planting is designed to screen the foundation.

Naturalized Planting:  
a naturalized planting shows how nature would distribute flowers.

Line Planting:
a line planting deals with the vertical linearity of the landscape.   When
used effectively it creates  the best possible silhouette for a landscape.

Landscape Specimen planting  Enrichment:
Specimen plants bring something extra to the landscape's design which may last only for a few days or which may
be effective year round.

Landscape transplanting:
The best season for transplanting depends upon the type of
material being planted,  usually our prime projective is to transplant at a time that will permit good root growth before
shoots and leaves develop.

Tangible Enrichment:
Such asstones or rocks  and natural out cropping
are valuable additions to any landscape
( equipped to for rocks from 30 - 75 lbs, ! )Inter, Locking patieo step:

Inter, locking Retaining wall:
As well as increasing the value of your  propertie
it adds beautiful asethetic appeal.

Keywords: Aeration, flower, Landscape Maintenance, planting

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