TrappCall Services

By: Trapp-call  09-12-2011


Give us the Country, State/Province, City/Town where your friend/family is located and we will give you a local telephone number for that location. You give that telephone number to your friend/family and they call you by making a local call to your personal TrappCall number.

Call-Me-Local Service is not 'Call Forwarding' and does not have a '3rd Party' involved with the call. Each Call-Me-Local phone line has its own phone number and the phone number rings directly to only one phone line. This is simply a second phone line for an existing phone.

You live in Maryland and your friend/family is located in Florida. Your friend/family calls you very often but pays for a long distance call every time they call from Florida to Maryland. You want to avoid this long distance cost for them and so you get a TrappCall personal Florida Telephone number and give it to your friend/family.

Now your friend/family who is in Florida simply dials your TrappCall Florida number and will be connected to you in Maryland. This time the call is a local call for your friend/family.