By: Oasis Dental  18-02-2016
Keywords: Braces

“Proper Airway development depends upon good jaw and facial growth. Equally jaw and facial development depends upon good airway growth.” (Enlow DH, Hans MG. Essentials of Facial Growth. 1996) “Proper Jaw development is the most critical factor influencing whether a malocclusion (a bite bite) develops.” (Ahlin JH. Maxillofacial Orthopedics: A Clinical Approach for the Growing Chlild. 1984) Keeping in mind that the discipline of orthopedics focuses on skeletal development within all age groups, from children to adults, Dr. Soordhar strives to address dental, facial, cranial and skeletal structural imbalances among individuals of all profiles. Factors such as mouth-breathing, thumb sucking and ENT problems can impact normal growth progressions as a baby develops into an infant. Baby molars and first permanent molars locate and lock into skeletal structures in their early phases of development as they erupt. Monitoring the dental interface at this stage is essential as they make contact, regardless of the upper and lower jaw sizes and positions. Dr. Soordhar examines baby and infant dental developments from a variety of angles to assess each individual’s bony discrepancies: Study CastsPhotographs of the facePanoramic RadiographTMJ RadiographsCephalometric radiograph (single x-ray of skull)

Keywords: Braces

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