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By: Mtb Transit  09-12-2011

A Better Way

When we look at the history of maintaining buses to a State of Good Repair, the focus has always been on the cosmetics to many people - repairing rust and painting the vehicle. While we have done this work for decades, and it does make a difference, we also believe that making an investment in a vehicle during its life is also a tremendous opportunity to make it better. If you are like most transit systems, you have less talent and less resources to actually make tomorrow better than yesterday, and the technology of your fleet gets more complex by the second. This is where we want to help – and it is where we can add value at MTB.

Improving the reliability of equipment requires talent, expertize, and a solid network, but it also requires a natural desire to improve things. This is what sets MTB apart. We are people that grew up in this business but we have never stopped asking questions and challenging the status quo. We can work with you and conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of your most prominent equipment failures. We can work with our suppliers to make the small design changes that it takes to get you improved reliability. We can look at specific overhaul and maintenance work that can extend your Mean Distance Between Failure (MDBF) and actually reduce road calls.

We firmly believe that there are solutions in our industry, and that when times get tough we can do more than increase fares or cut service. We want to help you move more people, consume less resources, reduce your costs and improve service quality. Call us and lets talk about A Better Way.

Over the past three decades MTB has overhauled virtually every bus model on the road in North America. Our experience provides us with a unique opportunity to know what works and what doesn't in bus design and manufacturing.

But what we know is only part of the story – it's what we do with that knowledge that makes the difference. We continually improve work practices and procedures to ensure that you get the very best overhaul, and the most reliable vehicle for years to come.

Want to learn more? Call us, or better yet, call any of your friends that have done business with MTB. They will tell you about the MTB difference - service and quality that begins on Day 1 and a commitment that never ends.

When your vehicle is in a collision, you want your coach to perform the way it did when it rolled off the assembly line. You want the work done right - using OEM parts. This takes talented craftsmen and high tech facilities to get the job done right.

MTB has the most experienced and skilled craftsmen in the transit industry – talk to any transit operator in Ontario and they will back up our claim. We have the most advanced and environmentally friendly paint facilities in the business, and our frame straightening equipment ensures that your vehicle drives true until the last run.

With advances in bus technology, electrical systems have become more prevalent and more complex. Simple electrical connections can deteriorate, short out and potentially cause a fire. The consequences of a fire can be catastrophic, and most Maintenance Managers do not want to see these "fire buses" anywhere near their shop.

For most transit shops these repairs are a challenge right from the start – from identifying the scope of the repair, to developing a parts list, and waiting on the hundreds of components to even begin the repair.

At MTB we have the network to get parts fast, and the skills to do the job right the first time. It's why we have been relied on by scores of operators in the US and Canada to get their "fire jobs" back on the road.

MTB is an authorized warranty repair centre for the leading bus manufacturers in Canada, the US, and the UK. We have completed thousands of upgrades and modifications on all major vehicle systems, including "re-powers" and hybrid drive modifications. Want to get the best quality and service on your warranty repairs? Insist on MTB support with your bus OEM from day one.

Repair + Component Overhaul, or RCO, services are being launched throughout 2011 at MTB. Our current Driver Seat RCO Program provides for a heavy overhaul and replacement of most major components using only OEM parts on both Recaro and USSC seats. At half the price of a new seat, the MTB RCO Program provides for rapid turnaround, high quality and great value.

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