The New Managing God's Money-The Basics

The New Managing God's Money-The Basics from Managing God's Money

By: Managing God's Money  06-10-2010
Keywords: Credit Cards, retirement planning, Financial Seminars

This book is loaded with tips, tools, and techniques, builds on its predecessor and adds several key topics such as Christ-centered get out of debt procedure, the three "Ps" of investing, a simple set-by-step-approach to doing your first budget, showing everything you need to begin; and lots on insurance: how to know if you need insurance, and how to calculate the amount. Besides, it deals with giving to God today: many ministries and churches try to manipulate you to give to them, guilting you with teachings on tithing that doesn't apply today. Other matters addressed include: how to write a financial plan, how to plan for retirement, how to write and stay on a spending plan (a budget), and much more. Here is a comment on this book:

"We have been following many of the practices you mention [in the New Managing God's Money-The Basics] for quite a time now, but it was really neat to see someone outline things so clearly. Getting one's head around the idea that 'all is God's and that we are merely stewards' is definitely a major 're-think.' And it is fundamental--everything becomes so different. Sure leads one to be thankful, though!"--Judy, Ottawa

Keywords: Credit Cards, Financial Seminars, Financial stress, retirement planning,