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By: Inkfleet  09-12-2011


The crew at Ink Fleet takes pride in leaving our customers with enough money in their wallets to avoid the McValue menu for another week.

  1. Ink Fleet is not an Epson Authorized Dealer.
  2. Ink Fleet is not affiliated with Epson in any form
  3. We buy our supplies from independent sources such as:
    • Public Auctions
    • Recyclers
    • Overstocks
    • Business Closings
    • Lost Shipments
    • Insurance Salvage
    • Other Private Parties
  4. We inspect all merchandise to make sure they are either factory sealed in retail boxes or factory sealed in retail bags before putting them up for sale. If it isn’t new, we won’t sell it.
  5. All merchandise is OEM from Epson and not from third party ink cartridge manufacturers.
  6. Merchandise comes in many forms:
    • Single cartridges or combo-packs
    • Factory sealed boxes or factory sealed bags
    • Fresh or expired
    • The condition of items will be clearly described under their respective Product Descriptions
  7. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for items returned in factory sealed condition.
  8. We offer a 30 day replacement guarantee for defective items.