By: Ottawa Well Fracturing  09-12-2011
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Hydro Fracturing: is the process of using water under extreme pressure to break the barrier that is preventing an underground water source from flowing freely into a drilled well.  Quite simply, by opening the existing fractures and fissures, the flow of water to the well is increased. This alows us to get more water from existing wells without drilling new ones or turning poor into good wells fast and efficiently.

Proven Technology: The process of hydro fracturing has been used in the oil fields for some 95 years. Today with the use of this technology, it has proven to be equally effective in the water well industry. The high-pressure components for our machines have come directly from the oil fields. They are capable of producing over 6000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and can pump 200 gallons per minute (GPM), creating an extremely high pressure in the well. By fracturing an existing well, we can improve the flow of water to the well, even if the well is considered dry, or has gone dry after many productive years. By fracturing an existing well we alleviate the mess and chaos of digging up lawns or cutting asphalt driveways in order to install water lines and electrical cables for a new well. The cost of drilling a new well can be considerable, with no guarantee of increasing the present water supply in GPM. To increase our success to 99%, we have developed a system called double packing in which we isolate water bearing well zones or aquifers 12 to 20 feet at a time and apply the fracturing process.  As a result more areas in the well become accessible and increase the available water supply in your well. Even in locations where there is bad water, this system can greatly improve water quality by going above and below the problem area. For example, if salt or sulfur is found at the bottom of a well it can be plugged up and we can fracture closer to the top of the rock where water quality is better.

Avoid Unnecessary Cost: If you have an existing well and are considering drilling a new well…WE can save you money! We have found water between 50 to 300 feet in 99% of the wells fractured, even when the wells were considered dry.

Protect Your Investment: A piece of land, a home or a business is of much less value without water. The cost of this service can be measured beyond the dollar value… as water is absolutely necessary to life itself.  If you are in a stressful situation with your well, hydro fracturing can help; we are in your area now!

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Keywords: Drilling, Hydro Fracturing, Wells

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