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By: Michael Burr Design  09-12-2011
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Book an initial consultation with Michael to review your project. Bring your new home blueprints if you have them prepared already or photo's of your existing cabinetry (or room dimensions) and you can get down to business straight away.  From the initial consultation you can expect to cover ~

Initial Consultation

  • Indication of cabinetry cost
  • Review your design style preferences - traditional, contemporary, olde world, transitional, rustic or something in-between
  • Introduction to functionality and the many options available that can be incorporated into your design
  • View cabinet style and colour selections
  • Availability of renovators for remodeling
  • Cabinet and design lead times
  • Process overview
  • Tour of the Legacy design studio where you will view stunning and thought provoking displays

Don't worry if you don't have blueprints or a fixed idea of your renovation plans, you can never start looking at your options too soon.  Michael is very happy to meet with you and show you what is available and show you how he can be an important part of your project from an early stage.

Your Design
Once you engage the services of Michael for your design he will come to your home to measure your renovation area or in the case of a new home, work from your blueprint drawings.  The initial design is presented as a detailed floor plan accompanied by three dimensional views so you can truly imagine the cabinet layout.  It is just as important to consider the function of your design as it is to have your cabinetry looking great, Michael asks his clients to carefully consider what they plan to store in each cabinet to make sure the final plan meets your needs.  With a wealth of options available to maximize easy access for things such as pans, spices, wine, garbage and tupperware you can count on Michael to walk you this very important process.

New Home Service
When the design has been completed to your satisfaction, Michael will carry out a site measure of the property once it has been framed and mark out the cabinet positions so your plumber, electrician and mechanical trades can install their rough-ins accurately.  Having your designer complete the site measure is vital to ensure the cabinetry will fit as designed and he is also available to discuss any particular special arrangements or questions with the site tradesmen.  Michael also prepares and orders your cabinets to maintain continuity of service.Full Renovation Service
For most renovations the actual site dimensions are established at the beginning of the process.  You will be given a provisional start date for your renovation as soon you engage Michael's services and once the design is agreed the tradesmen will visit your home to view the work to be carried out and discuss in detail with you the scope of work.   This is the perfect opportunity to update your lighting, add a vac-pan to your vacuflow system or run a gas line to the outside barbecue.  All the trades will be scheduled and you will be given a detailed calender of events so you know what is happening and when to help you plan your life around the renovation.Supply & Installation of Cabinets for Your Own Renovation
Service includes a site measure and guidance if needed for you or your renovator to ensure rough-ins are located correctly for the design.  Site mark-outs are optional however and are available upon request.  Help With Appliances, Countertops & More
Michael has a network of contacts for Appliances,Countertops, Tiles, Flooring, Interior Design and more.  Your quality design deserves only the best materials and finishing which comes from experienced and knowledgeable individuals working for the best suppliers.  Tap into this network and rest assured you are in safe hands. 

Keywords: cabinet, Renovation