Animal Chiropractic demos and saving horses lives!

By: Kingstone Animal CARE: Chiropractic And Rehab Excellence  07-06-2011
Keywords: Animal Chiropractor, Animal Therapy

Dr. Angela Martin-King  provided a great demonstration of animal chiropractic care at the Greystone Farm GBZ Trillium Hunter Jumper Circuit show on May 28 and 29th, 2011.
Many horse trainers, riders and enthusiasts participated in the demonstration, asking questions and learning about how animal chiropractic care can help equine athletes. Of special interest to most was the link between horse and rider.

Dr Martin-King explained, "equestrian sport is the only sport in which the health and performance of one team member relies directly on the health and ability of its teammate. When one athlete (the horse or rider) is not balanced, and in control, it directly affects the performance and ability of the other".

Chiropractic care and massage was provided to a number of animal "volunteers", including a funny little chihuahua named Paco. Dr. Martin-King explained how conservative chiropractic care, and not surgery, helped this tiny little guy recover from knee injuries.

Also of note during the weekend, was the care of one equine competitor, Venus, who suffered a fall and concussion after slamming into a large fence post. Dr. Martin-King, along with an equine massage therapist, provided pro-bono treatment to this injured athlete. "I didn't see the whole accident" Dr. Angela stated, " but I saw the speed of the horse, the angle of the turn and watched the horse start to scramble and fall. I knew she (the horse) was going to be hurt, so I just ran". After consulting with the horse's vet, Dr. Martin-King provided ongoing chiropractic treatment over the next week, as needed. Her owner, Christine was could not belive how quickly Venus recuperrated. " I am so grateful that Dr. Angela was there to help. She may have saved Venus' life!"

If you ask Dr. Angela... it's all in a day's work. "I have the best job in the world!"

Keywords: Animal Chiropractor, Animal Therapy

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