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By: Wolverine Joining Tech Canada  09-12-2011

Our smooth surface tube components have helical integral ridges that allow for efficient heat transfer. These integral ridges improve the efficiency of heat exchangers in which refrigerant condenses or evaporates within the tube.

Our smooth surface tube products can be supplied in level wound coils, or in straight lengths.

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Capilator© Tube is Wolverine's capillary tube used throughout refrigeration and air conditioning industry for flow restriction applications. Control Tube is a small bore annealed tube used in applications such as heat loop and pressure control for refrigeration manufacturing. Control tube is available in straight lengths, level wound coils and bunch coils. These tubular components are produced in copper hard drawn straight lengths.


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Since its early beginnings, Wolverine has held a leading role in the research, development, and production of integral extended surface and enhanced surface products for a wide variety of heat transfer applications. Its growth has been closely allied to the refrigeration, air conditioning, energy generation, and industrial process markets.