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By: Wirelexsoft  09-12-2011

A powerful language and platform independent graphical-based framework based on Eclipse. It is the foundation on which VistaMax IDE is built. Being language and platform independent, the framework can be customized for any platform, to generate code in any language, thus providing visual design capabilities to any platform.

 VistaMax Enterprise Components

To enable applications running on the mobile device to connect to backend services such as Web-Services, Databases, SAP etc. Wirelexsoft offers ready-built, fully-tested, and high performance components for application developers to embed in their applications. They are provided as plug-ins to VistaMax IDE, and thus can be used visually in applications.

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Wirelexsoft - Professional Services

Our approach is to cover the whole life cycle of an IT or a Telecom project, from the early stages (Strategy, Business Planning, and ROI) to the actual operation, going through the architecture design and solution deployment stages. Wirelexsoft has successfully applied that approach and developed extensive experience in the Mobile and Enterprise Level applications.