Wedding Check List Control | wedding assistant planning checklist

By: Wedding Assistant  09-12-2011

Industry standard pre-defined check list by periods, accustomed to your wedding date

Manage your check list by period

Wedding Assistant comes equipped with industry standard check list so you don’t need to create one.

List maintenance

You can add new entries to the list or remove unnecessary ones. For each entry you can write unlimited notes or even file events (by date & time) for that entry.

Adjusting the list to your wedding

Once you set your wedding date, every entry is dynamically given a date range in which it has to complete. Pending entries are shown in red. The green represents completed one. Blue is for entries to be completed in the current period while black is for future ones.

View Control

You can set the list to either show pending entries or all entries. You can export the showing list to Excel or print it.

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Once the event has Seating required, the button that starts the Seating scheme will be available to click.When you create your Guest List, we recommend using Groups. Since Wedding Assistant is an open, flexible program, you can always add adults to a children?s table and vice versa. Your guests want to know where they are seated and you should do your best to make them happy.


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Your main events, such as ceremony and reception, will be defined as auto-invite – that means that guests created will be automatically invited to those events. For each family that confirmed their attendence, or their absence, you can check the RSVP status and change it for the entire family or by member. Every event, if defined with RSVP or thank you notes follow up, will have the respective columns ob the invitee list.


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Import contacts from Outlook Wedding Assistant connects directly to your contact lists and brings in the Address, phone numbers and email address into the Guest information. Flight information and Accommodations are also included for each family, in case they are coming from out of town. Wedding Assistant creates one main guest list and every guest or family is invited to any of your defined events.


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When actual expenses are linked to budget items, the Budget vs. Expenses report can show you if you are within your budget limit and see where you stand financially. Expenses are as detailed as possible you can add taxes, define multiple payments, and assign the expense to budget accounts. Wedding Assistant can help you save on expenses by keeping track on your budget and payments.