Data Integration For Non Profits

By: Unxvision  09-12-2011

Metaphorically speaking, your constituents represent the heart of your organization because they supply the support and donations vital to survive and thrive.

Our R-eSourceTM CRM technology platform and its Constituent Database is the heart that powers our integrated suite of software solutions and delivers the data needed to manage and develop your online constituent relationships.

Constituent Database
The Constituent Database enables you to centralize and coordinate all online constituent activity and build an online global view of constituent profiles. Information automatically collected and stored by the Constituent Database includes,

  • Extended constituent information such as gender, birth date, marital status and education level
  • Specific constituent information including donation, participation, communication and survey history
  • Associated constituent group and interests information as related to ePhilanthropy initiatives

Based on the search criteria selected, the Constituent Database also allows you to export data for analysis and interpretation.

Data Export Manager
The Data Export Manager synchronizes the constituent data collected and stored in the R-eSource Constituent Database with any offline donor databases. Our Data Export Manager enables you to:

  • Upload online constituent data from the Constituent Database to your offline database
  • Map data fields to match online data with existing offline data structure and business rules
  • Schedule automated data file transfers to a designated data manager

If required for Raiser’s Edge clients, Unxvision integrates a third party middleware, an intelligent and proprietary data integration application for Blackbaud’s RE, developed by one of North America’s leading RE consultants.

Features and benefits include:

  • Enforces data standards
  • Cleanses and validates data
  • Address correction and formatting
  • Guarantee data consistency
  • Defines and applies business rules
  • Matches constituents and eliminates duplicates
  • Reduces staffing, equipment, RE licensing costs
  • High volume processing

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