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By: Syntellect  09-12-2011

Open standards-based, switch independent, software-only solutions. These aren’t just industry buzzwords - they are critical descriptors of Syntellect’s design philosophy. However, these design principles are only the beginning of our customer engagement process. At Syntellect, service, ownership, relationship and partnership are crucial components that have enabled us to continually deliver unrivaled customer engagements for more than two decades.

We build relationships that enhance the foundation of your sales, consulting, design and development teams. We are big enough to get the job done right, yet agile enough to develop those individual relationships with your team that make all the difference. From the initial discovery process through the design, launch and fine-tuning of your contact center and self-service applications, Syntellect remains committed to making the crucial components work to your full advantage.

Syntellect is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. For more than two decades, we have assisted companies in designing, implementing and optimizing their operations with our contact center solutions. Our experienced help desk support and professional services team deliver quality service, enabling our customers to fully leverage the benefits of their Syntellect solutions.

Syntellect takes ownership of our commitment to provide you with the best technical support and customer service possible. Our solutions are designed to fit into your existing business environment with minimal disruption to your operations while providing immediate cost savings. As a standard practice, we troubleshoot any issue you may have until it has been identified and addressed. If the issue is traced to a third-party vendor, Syntellect will gladly work with them directly or hold the service ticket open at Syntellect until you decide to close it.

Because having an honest relationship is embedded in Syntellect’s corporate culture, we don’t just sell you technology. We take the time to listen, understand and learn about your business and customers’ needs. Our flexible, scalable architecture ensures that your solution can evolve and grow with your business, providing a positive experience throughout our relationship.

We form a partnership with each company we work with. Syntellect connects with our customers through a long-term, consultative and business process-oriented partnership. When we design your contact center solution, we find the best way to help your agents and customers have a positive experience using our applications. Since our solutions are scalable, we work with you to make incremental improvements to your contact centers over time, taking advantage of current and future technologies to maximize the return on your investment.

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CTI Applications - CTI Call Centers

Syntellect CT Connect™ is standards-based CTI software that allows application developers and systems integrators to create voice self-service, contact center and unified communications solutions for IP and TDM networks at dramatically lower cost by providing out-of-the-box integration with all major communications systems.


Customer Contact Solutions - Customer Service Solution

With more than two decades of industry-leading experience, Syntellect’s contact center solutions help our clients reduce costs, improve efficiencies and solve business problems through a strategic balance of interaction management software and unrivaled support. Syntellect has the expertise to provide your organization with the communication channels necessary to create, maintain and continuously improve exceptional end-to-end customer service.


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Syntellect solutions help our clients reduce costs, improve efficiencies and solve business problems through a strategic balance of customer interaction management software and unrivaled support. By providing an optimal mix of self-service and agent assistance, Syntellect interaction management solutions help you optimize your contact center operations.


IVR Call Center - IVR Solutions

Comprehensive support for industry standards enables organizations to leverage prior investments in hardware, software and solution development, while providing a smooth migration path to the emerging standards and technologies that will be required in the future. Voice self-service solutions, such as interactive voice response , interactive voice and video response, outbound dialing, and speech-enabled self-service systems.


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Syntellect CT Connect leverages the integration capabilities of Syntellect CT Connect, the worlds leading CTI software, which is used by hundreds of companies worldwide and today routes calls to more than one million agents worldwide.