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By: Supremesoft  09-12-2011
Keywords: data collection, Process Control, control system

Information is the key to success in today’s business environment. The demands of customers, competitive forces and escalating costs, force us to look at all facets of our business and to seek out better ways to do things. Just as business information systems must be flexible enough to respond to shifts in markets, organizational structures, and business methods, our production facilities must also be able to react to change. Just in time is not only mandatory to feed our assembly lines, but also to feed the appetites of customers who have far more choices today than ever.

Supremesoft’s innovative Device Manager is the communication link to any physical device on the plant floor, regardless of its communication protocol. The powerful Data Collection Manager allows you to map information from these physical devices, through the Database Access Manager to your chosen database or application. By acting as a bridge to existing legacy systems, your current investment in application software is protected. Communication is a two way street and SPCS also allows for communication from the application to the device, thus the definition Process Control.

The Supremesoft Process Control System provides a secure, reliable, performance oriented system that allows for instant information access from plant floor operations. It also provides the flexibility to create, test and implement new applications based on a wealth of information not previously available. Information access that will keep your production facility at the forefront of today’s demanding marketplace.

Supremesoft is committed to becoming a leading implementation partner that can help a manufacturing organization become part of the Enterprises’ competitive advantage by taking out cost, increasing speed and agility, and enhancing operational connectivity and transparency. By providing the right information at the right time Supremesoft can help make the manufacturing organization more effective in developing and delivering products, thereby helping make the company more effective and competitive in the marketplace.

Supported Platforms

All SPCS components are written in Java and comply with all related industry standards and best practices. As a result, the SPCS fits into your chosen information technology architecture by executing the same application on the following platforms:

Hardware PlatformOperating System
IBM System pAIX 5, 6.1; Linux RHEL 5, SLES 10, 11
IBM System zLinux RHEL 5, SLES 10, 11
IBM System ii5/OS 6.1, V5R4
HP 9000 (PA-RISC)HP-UX 11.11i, 11.23i; Linux
HP Integrity (Itanium 2)HP-UX 11.23i, 11.3i; Linux, MS Windows 2003 Server (IA64)
Sun SPARC, x64, x86Solaris 10; Linux
Intel x86, Itanium 2, AMD x64MS Windows 2003, 2008 Servers (IA32, IA64); Linux

Additional platforms and versions of the above platforms may also be supported. Also, new platforms are being certified on an ongoing basis. Please call us for the latest updates.

Keywords: control system, data collection, Process Control

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