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CHINA Marketing / Market Assessment Service::

STRATECA offers you the “global-local market” expertise, resources, and contacts you need to assess the opportunities and market acceptance for your goods and services. Working closely with your Marketing staff, we jointly develop the step strategies needed to execute the right mix of marketing approach for the target global market.

Our intent is to boost your global business capability through our rigorous methodology and creative thinking. The biggest value that we can provide to our clients is developing a unique perspective that works for you.
Going to CHINA with your business idea sometimes just takes a unique perspective.

Typical work products and deliverables:

  1. Overseas market-competitive assessment / acceptance
  2. Focus group / audience testing for overseas markets
  3. CHINA market engagement readiness: Country Analysis.see below
  4. Routes-to-Market (RTM) global market strategy and analysis
  5. Investor or public relations programs: Define/refine market message, prepare/update pertinent communications material

You can subscribe our unique Country Analysis that can be customized to meet your industry sector. We work with industry leaders in global market research and leading academics in international business management to bring you the business intelligence you need. Our country analysis is a must-have guide for your top executives before they make their next overseas business trip. Unlike any other country analysis, our analysis is updated regularly (subscription service), industry specific and can be customized to examine the issues that matters to you.

Typical work products and deliverables:

  1. Basic economic and industry-specific data
  2. Politics Political background / Recent political developments / Important recent events / Constitution, institutions and administration / The State Council / Political forces / Main political figures / Security risk in China / Population / Education / Health / Natural resources and the environment
  3. Resources and infrastructure, Transport, communications and the Internet / Energy provision
  4. The economy: Economic structure / policy / Recent reforms: a brief chronology / Economic performance / China's statistics / Regional trends
  5. Specific Sector Analysis Customized for Client: Agriculture / Mining and semi-processing Industrial-Manufacturing / Construction / FSS:Financial services / Automotive & Aerospace, BioTech, Technology, Distribution, Computer Services and Other services
  6. The external economic factors: Trade in goods / Invisibles and the current account / Capital flows and foreign debt / Foreign reserves and the exchange rate
  7. Emerging Market Regional overview that can be provided to you:Statistical Data on Population / Labour force / Transport statistics / National energy statistics / Government finances / Investment in assets by source and purpose / Money supply and credit / Gross domestic product / Gross domestic product by expenditure / Gross domestic product by sector / Price indices / Agricultural production /Gross agricultural output value by sector / Miscellaneous agricultural statistics / Sown area by crop / Industrial production / Sources and uses of credit funds by financial institutions / Exports / Imports / Balance of payments, IMF series
    / External debt / Foreign reserves / Exchange rates

Keywords: global business

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Recent facts about China: fast GDP growth, WTO regulatory compliance, reforms on accounting standards in financial treatments, Beijing hosting the Olympics in 2008, Shanghai hosting the World Expo in 2010 are all catching the attentions of business executives. STRATECA believes that an opportunity for strong growth exists over the next decade or two in these emerging countries based upon the unique resources and growth prospects of each economy.


Profit from Globalization Sell in CHINA CHINA Manufacturing Develop Market in CHINA

This service segment is a strategic offering from STRATECA as it leverages all the combined knowledge, experience and business relationships of our Managing Partners, VIP-In-Residence as well as extended network of our Special Advisors from STRATECA CHINA*QUEST Alliance members.


Profit from Globalization Sell in CHINA CHINA Manufacturing Develope Market in CHINA

Based on years of building our unique resources and business contacts close to the local market, STRATECA can leverage our in-house expertise and data sources to provide our clients a deep level of understanding that truly reveal the hidden realities of the local market or business.