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By: Strateca  09-12-2011
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CHINA*STRATEGY Advisory Service::

There are many successful mid-cap enterprises in North America or Europe that have dramatically increased their shareholder value through successful international expansion into China. Putting a "dot" in overseas markets like China on their sales coverage map on their web site means higher profit, higher share value, and most importantly, a sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors who can not easily replicate the same degree of international success. These "international" companies are often sold by their investors at a much higher market value than their domestic competitors. (New York Times "Bits" 2009.June)

With that in mind, progressive companies that wish to expand into China can jump start their initiative on China with Our STRATEGY*Development Services which are made up of 2 parts. The first part is all about creating actionable strategy with local insights. The second part is about taking that strategy for a test-drive first and then implement and support it at the local level.


INDUSTRY*Scan :: We just don't finish at providing a complete Competitive Market Landscape Scan. We know that clients are looking for local insights and creativity from our work. This is why we focus on where and how the values are created in local markets and through out the entire value chain: at the Industry level and the stakeholders involved from competition firms to suppliers. Once you have a good understanding of the local market condition in China, you will then be able to make sound judgments on what you need to do next.

ENTRY*Strategy :: This is where we develop the position of your firm relative to competitors in terms of it's unique value propositions and approach to market demand generation and acquisition, etc. We would spend a major portion of our combined efforts in this area to develop, update and revise the Entry Strategy based on real time market feedback and conditions. This work is more of a process driven and very interactive instead of generating a report as the speed of market change is way too fast due to changing market conditions.

You might wish to think twice about a consulting service provider who just give you a market entry strategy. We go the extra mile and work with you to implement your strategy as we want to sell your solution into China. We won't make money until you profit from China.

DEMAND*Generation :: This is where we start to test the Entry Strategy we develop. It's part of our joint marketing effort with our client to develop and search for appropriate routes-to-market. It may involve generating a strategic channel strategy that leverages local business partners who can maintain local demand on a sustainable basis. It may also involve creating and running a brand-awareness campaign to increase local awareness of your firm's market position. We will also develop a Joint Venture platform from which your firm can operate to its best advantage where you can incubate the growth of your business in China.


CHINA*BUSINESS Development Services :: This is where the rubber meets the road. Our clients can rely on us on helping them to find ways to penetrate into some key target accounts (KTAs)by leveraging our C-Suite relationships and extensive rolodex. We have top notch local business development and deal making specialists who will act as an extension of your sales team to develop a systematic approach to win business on KTAs. See below for a detail list of work products and deliverables.

Typical work products and deliverables:

  1. CHINA sales pipeline analysis / management
  2. CHINA sales cadence reviews
  3. Key target account (KTA) acquisition plan development
  4. Win plan design and execution
  5. CHINA sales channel development
  6. Proof of Concept / Product Demonstration (POC)
  7. Post-sales account Maintenance Support
  8. Compliance / Audit
  9. Client relationship management / monitoring

CHINA*INVESTMENT Advisory Service::

This service segment is a strategic offering from STRATECA as it leverages all the combined knowledge, experience and business relationships of our Managing Partners, VIP-In-Residence as well as extended network of our Special Advisors from STRATECA CHINA*QUEST Alliance members. Typically Venture Capital or Private Equity firms or progressive companies that need to make an investment or acquisition on a targeted company that fits a pre-determined investment thesis would approach STRATECA for help on the following areas:

  1. Investment or Acquisition Selection
  2. Investment Analysis & Due Diligence
  3. Deal Making, Negotiating and Closing support
  4. Post-Acquisition Support on Acquisition-Integration Plan development and other "Active Management" initiatives
  1. Acquisitions of Potash / Mining properties in Saskatchewan Canada on behalf of one of China’s largest State Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
  2. Merger and Acquisition of the CDMA division of one of the world's largest electronic company for a leading Chinese MNC with 10,000+ employees worldwide ( Yr. 2002-3)
  3. Overseas NASDAQ IPOs for some leading China-based companies (early 2002-2004)
  4. Partnered to establish a US$50M Venture Capital fund with Silicon Valley leading VC's
  5. Promotions of China-based industry leaders and high-profile real-estate development projects

CHINA*BUSINESS Development Service ::

For those companies that have already gone through the due diligence of China market entry work (see above) and seek additional help in penetrating into some specific target markets or accounts in China, they can choose to leverage our CHINA business development expertise and resources to give them the extra horse power needed to reach the desired results especially reaching near a financial milestone such as Year End or Qtr End or perhaps before an M&A,etc. Whatever your CHINA business development objectives are, we will work closely with you to develop a roadmap of getting there.

CHINA*BUSINESS Development Service :: Please refer to the above section for more details.

CHINA*TRADE Show Service :: is STRATECA's entry level service in a portfolio of STRATECA CHINA*QUEST Business Services.

"The best way to enter into an overseas market is by participating in local trade shows"*. However, up front investments in trade show or investment road show preparation and logistics, as well as having a sizeable local sales representations, can often deter mid market firms from focusing on the real issues: developing innovative products, running the business and closing more sales.

Let STRATECA help you to run and management your overseas trade shows, investment or marketing event or road shows so all you have to do is have some key members of your sales team show up the night before the event. Our lead generators can be trained to effectively communicate your key value propositions, features, advantages and benefits to the show audience. Your local market presence in many regional trade shows can help you build up a strong market presence and brand equity that will turn opportunities into profits in an otherwise tough to crack in emerging markets.

Typical work products and deliverables:

  1. Identify overseas target trade shows or road show audience
  2. Define corporate road shows in overseas markets
  3. Define value propositions for local markets
  4. Prepare Trade show presentation and promotional materials
  5. Organize road show logistics and transportation mgmt
  6. Deliver sales training and dry run on demos / value propositions
  7. Follow up reviews on feedbacks from trade shows/demos
  8. Participate in target trade shows / demos
  9. Review sales leads from trade shows / demos
  10. Review next steps required to manage sales pipeline
  11. Provide high level pricing information to prospects
  12. Arrange logistics for conferencing/webcasting: one-stop-solution for overseas executive / product marketing, conference calls and webcasting. Fully customized to enhance branding.

Since each clients need is different, STRATECA will customize our offering to best suit the needs of our clients.


A technology firm can hire STRATECA to show case its solutions (hardware and software) in major cities in China and India covering the financial services sector. STRATECA Offering: 1. Identify appropriate road show representation needed to best show case client's technical solution. 2. Develop value proposition based on local market requirements. 3. Prepare demonstrations in local STRATECA office. 4. Sales training for local STRATECA sales lead generators. 5. Prepare dry run on demos and value propositions with client. 6. Review sales leads from trade show and demonstrations.

CHINA*RELATIONSHIP Management Service ::

It's all about the Power of Leverage when it comes to achieving your business development goals in China .

What our Managing Partners bring to the table is more than just local business insights and their expertise. They bring our clients the power of leverage which is based on effective networking and years of trusted tested working relationships. It’s whom you know, and whom they know and how you use them, that will get whatever it is you need, achieved in China.

If we ask successful business leaders what they have been able to accomplish on executing their business strategies, and no matter how we look at it – there is without a doubt only one tangible way that they use time and again – and that’s leverage.

Ethical leverage is also the core of our relationship management as long-term benefits can only be achieved if ethical standards are maintained and protected. This implies that we use our contacts and resources wisely to accomplish what could be deemed impossible. Ethics are very important to us and if we use leverage without thought of a return for everyone’s investment of time, ethical standard and talent – we might lift the load, but your strategy will fail.

Using all of our collective contacts and resources at your disposal as your leverage, there is no doubt that we will be able to dramatically increase the chance of accomplishing what you sought out to achieve in China. However, agreeing to help others using that same leverage later on is not only fair, but it’s also a prerequisite when it come to the rules of "Power of Leverage" in STRATECA.

Please contact us on how you can gain access to and take advantage of our Power of Leverage.

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Keywords: Local Business

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Recent facts about China: fast GDP growth, WTO regulatory compliance, reforms on accounting standards in financial treatments, Beijing hosting the Olympics in 2008, Shanghai hosting the World Expo in 2010 are all catching the attentions of business executives. STRATECA believes that an opportunity for strong growth exists over the next decade or two in these emerging countries based upon the unique resources and growth prospects of each economy.


Profit from Globalization Sell in CHINA CHINA Manufacturing Develope Market in CHINA

Based on years of building our unique resources and business contacts close to the local market, STRATECA can leverage our in-house expertise and data sources to provide our clients a deep level of understanding that truly reveal the hidden realities of the local market or business.